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  1. Not sure ranks are an "issue" Im really not a fan of ranked playlsit having multiple games
  2. If the amount of times i play the same people is anything to go by I'm going to take a guess and say the population of this game at its peak is 107
  3. Just matched a team of 5 in anniversary when i searched alone Teams vs randoms just isn't fair
  4. I'd be amazed if we have more than 3 before the release of Halo 5 I'll be even because amazed if we get anymore after the release of Halo 5 since they will focus on that and pretend that MCC never happend
  5. Who is going to write the blog saying we will get an update on the update "soon"
  6. The mods on other sites always ban you? Doesn't that tell you something......
  7. Are you purposely trying to make everyone on this forum dislike you?
  8. I live in newcastle too Used to have BT and the speeds were awful, i switched to sky and my speeds more than doubled even though i had the equipment
  9. A - Not at all B - Probably get it a day or 2 after launch if everything works as advertised
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