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  1. @@Lazer, sorry don't know how to multi quote on mobile. Thanks for the advice. Will definitely check it out when I get a chance.
  2. Been busy with life the past month or so. Decided to come on the forums today because of the start of the season, and I didn't get to watch. I picked a good time to come back. Optic drama. E6 drama (which I still don't fully understand because no one wants to talk about it) and the dank memes. What a time to be a halo fan.
  3. Have to step away for a while. Not sure if it's possible but maybe? I'll look later.
  4. Had the idea of making an earnings/hour spreadsheet based on the earnings shared by @@Moses_FPS however I don't really have a reliable way to track how many hours each pro has spent on the game. I was going to use H5Arena, but I think that only tracks matchmaking and doesn't include custom games, unless I'm mistaken? Even then, there's alternative gamertags and other things that will influence the idea. Despite this, I did a couple current teams just to show what it would have looked like. I'm probably not going to finish it unless I can figure out a way to include custom games in time played. Time Played is based off of Halo5Arena Playlist stats for each pro's main gamertag. Earnings are based off that previously mentioned chart. Please let me know if you have an idea of how to track time better. I'd really like to complete this.
  5. I've noticed a lot of times PC builds that are posted as $500 or $750 or $1k or whatever won't include some of the things that a new PC player like myself would need. For example, I've been planning on building a PC for a while, and am looking around the $1k range. When I first started looking, I saw a lot of really awesome builds for like $800 and I got really excited, thinking to myself "Oh, this isn't actually that expensive." Then I realized that cool $800 build didn't have a monitor, didn't have a m+k, didn't have etc. etc. and that $800 price tag could easily go up to $1k+ Not saying that's what is happening here, but I've definitely seen it happen a lot.
  6. Did you ever play Red Faction Guerilla on the 360? That game was sick and had a decent competitive scene for a few months (from what I remember) but unfortunately didn't have a big enough player base/community to sustain it. I was really bummed when the next one didn't have any competitive multiplayer and I still am. Edit: It even had it's own MLG playlist at one point.
  7. I got really confused by this. When you mentioned pumping gas I just had to assume it was your job because why else would you be pumping gas? Then I realized I'm from the weird state of New Jersey and everyone else actually does that on their own. Edit: And before someone calls me out, yes I know technically not everyone else does because Oregon is the same as NJ.
  8. You guys made it difficult to catch up before work today. I love it. Time to go to work and then have 6 hours of posts to catch up on again.
  9. @@Spartan https://clips.twitch.tv/spartanthedogg/FaithfulDuckThunBeast Pretty sick play.
  10. Potential c9 roster scrimming now against Ryanoob, Heinz, el Town and Shooter (I assume this would be potential ALG roster). https://www.twitch.tv/spartanthedogg https://www.twitch.tv/commonly https://www.twitch.tv/ryanoob
  11. I really like that potential c9 roster. (Spartan, commonly, penguin and rayne) I'm excited to see them in action but on paper it sounds like a team with good potential and that should mesh well chemistry wise. I don't see any personality clashes on that team for the most part, as long as Spartan keeps his positive attitude from the past month or so. Really excited about this roster and can definitely see myself getting behind them.
  12. Thanks, I wound up falling asleep basically right after that post. I'm rooting for roybox + contra/Devon to be a team instead of the other option. I just think that team would be solid.
  13. Could someone give me a brief overview of who ran with who today, scrim results and what I missed today? My grandfather who I have lived with for more than half my life was taken to the hospital this(last?) morning, and is still there, and so I basically missed everything today and it would be cool to be able to distract myself with Halo for a bit.
  14. Not at all relevant, but I saw this earlier and it made me laugh and this seemed like a good time to share it.
  15. Some thoughts from the weekend and what I saw. Overall I'd consider the actual broadcast and stream a success. The production value could have been a bit higher, the commentary desk, which looked more like a weird table, was a bit strange. That being said, wait times (which is something that has been a struggle this season) were almost always good and there were very little audio/video issues that I can recall. I think Saturday was a better day than Sunday was. I think there's a couple different reasons for this that should be easily fixable. I think the fact that we knew what teams were playing for on Saturday was important. The fact that the only prize we know anything about is that trophy is embarrassing. It honestly felt like they were trying to keep the prizes a secret. There were plenty of times that they could have been brought up but were just skipped right over. We need numbers for prizes. Prizes bring interest. Prizes bring meaning. Without prizes what makes this any different than another pro league week? Also a trophy on its own is not a prize. A trophy is cool, and a great way to compliment a nice event, but players don't play for trophies and viewers don't watch for trophies. Especially ones like that. The commentary was pretty standard. I don't really like attacking or criticizing specific people about commentary so I'll leave it at that. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. I would say it was good. Based on the above, I'd say the event was okay. Not fantastic but definitely not the worst event Halo has ever seen. I think the event could have been a lot better with some changes that aren't even that difficult. Most of the changes come down to just plain better communication with fans. Announce the venue earlier so people aren't buying last minute tickets and planning last minute trips. Give us the damn prize info. Give us a schedule. These things are not that hard. With that being said, I do want to say good job to all the people involved in the broadcast because, like I said, it was well done. I feel like I'm left at the end of the weekend wanting just a bit more. I think those issues I brought up are what's missing for me, and I think with those fixed I would have been more comfortable calling it a good or even great event. It's a shame. Also please stop ending the stream 7 seconds after the last game is over. Give me some analysis of the last series, the weekend overall or even the future and what we think will happen with teams and the fall season. I know there was a little bit at the end but it all felt very rushed and before I knew it the stream was over. Sorry for the long post. I like to type.
  16. First I had seen this but this is really good news. Glad to see this change being made.
  17. Just got home from work, unfortunately missed the first two series. I know who won obviously, but how did they go? Were they close? Worth going back and watching later today?

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