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  1. I have no idea if this is known or not, but for some reason, the bot bootcamp playlist counts towards your overall MMR that's also used for the ranked playlist. Here's a brand new account I made. Now, here's my MMR for my first ever game I searched in ranked. See it says 2.98 (it's what new accounts start at) I quit out before the game loaded to not influence it and went to Bot Bootcamp and played 1 game and went 37-0. Now I searched Ranked Arena again and this is what my MMR is now. 7.38. For reference, the average 1500-1700 Onyx I ran into had around 5.5-6.5 MMR. I checked the ranks in this game and the ranks were Onyx 1,645, 1,742, 1,543, 1,635, 1,519, D4, and D5. In my first ranked game and my 2nd game total. This shit is broken.
  2. Unfortunately can't, I had to do so much shit and use a kernel debugger just to get it to load. If it was simpler I would definitely share with you how to.
  3. If anybody is interested in forge, I recorded video of the objects and the menus. Obviously forge is still very unfinished.
  4. Here's an image for 4 of the maps https://imgur.com/a/nWDIPvx For the map Aquarius. Forgot to add it to the album A lot of the maps just had placeholders.
  5. Playing this was actually the most fun I've had on this game so far. lol
  6. Banshee felt kinda clunky. Also, name of some of the maps. Not sure if this is known. Haven't really kept up with infinite info.
  7. https://streamable.com/mfb0ey Gametype called "Bastion Competitive". Same thing BR start, no radar or secondary.
  8. Loaded a gametype titled "Slayer Competitive". Radar is disabled. No secondary.
  9. Does anybody know what fileshare I can get some jump maps on Halo Reach pc?
  10. I know there's a work around the push-to-talk for controller, but might as well post this anyway. If anybody wants to bind the push-to-talk to a controller button or rebind the key for keyboard, go to steam, right click on mcc, click set launch options and add "-INPUTINI=input.ini" (no quotes) Launch MCC until you hit the menu and then close it. Navigate to where ever Halo reach is installed and go to Halo Reach\mcc\binaries\win64 Find the input.ini and edit it and add a new line and paste ActionMappings=(ActionName="PushToTalk",bShift=False,bCtrl=False,bAlt=False,bCmd=False,Key=Gamepad_DPad_Up) you can change the "Key=" to whatever you want. If you want to change the push-to-talk key for keyboard ctrl+f and search for Key=V and change the key to whatever you want. You can rebind multiple things to single keys this way too. I recommend changing the input.ini file to read only after changing something.
  11. Decided to play on controller and it looks like classic aiming and modern are switched. Classic is modern and modern is classic. If controller aim feels off to you, that may be why.
  12. If anybody wants more gametypes in custom games, go to \Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection Flighting\haloreach\hopper_game_variants and copy the ones you want to \Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection Flighting\haloreach\game_variants Same thing for map variants.
  13. Here's all the ranks in the current MCC insider build in case anybody is wondering. Looks to be 10 tiers(the shields) and you have to go through those to get to the bottom rank. Looks like it'll take a while to hit max rank which is good (assuming this all stays the same)
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