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  1. Does anybody have reach octagon on their fileshare?
  2. Decided to play on controller and it looks like classic aiming and modern are switched. Classic is modern and modern is classic. If controller aim feels off to you, that may be why.
  3. If anybody wants more gametypes in custom games, go to \Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection Flighting\haloreach\hopper_game_variants and copy the ones you want to \Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection Flighting\haloreach\game_variants Same thing for map variants.
  4. Here's all the ranks in the current MCC insider build in case anybody is wondering. Looks to be 10 tiers(the shields) and you have to go through those to get to the bottom rank. Looks like it'll take a while to hit max rank which is good (assuming this all stays the same)
  5. The hit reg and the connection is god awful. So many blanks. A eu host on 360 felt way better than my best server on this.
  6. The server inconsistencies most likely have something to do with the server relays they added after that Tommy Kost video around.... January? The update after that video, they added relays to hide the server ip, but they didn't make it where you connect through a relay at the server location. You can get something like a West US server and connect through a East US 2 relay and it adds that latency on top of it. Just to clarify, I am not talking about the relays they added to hide your ip. If nobody believes me, you can try it out for yourself. Just block the host ip when you're in a game and you'll connect to a new relay to the same server.
  7. 3rd pov. Hope this is good. If you need another angle, I'll get it. Also, here is what happens when you get the bug to happen out in the open. You can shoot no where near them and it'll still hit them (you can still shoot the spartan and it'll still register). This is a little harder to replicate. I can't get a 3pov of this as I have no clue which game it is in theater.
  8. Weird bug that you can replicate around any wall off-host. Not sure what's causing it, but it's not lag. This is on central server in the h2h playlist and I wouldn't doubt if this shit happens off-host on Lan also.
  9. Just posting this here to shed some more light on the awful desync issues in MCC. This happens way more than you probably realize.
  10. Hitreg so bad, can't even blow up barrels consistently now.
  11. The first Dying light was really good so I'm pretty excited for Dying light 2. Also, Gears 5 reveal was so well done that I might actually play a campaign for a shooter game for the first game in 5 years. Actually looked interesting.
  12. Going to have to disagree about the vast improvement. Hitscan on the BR just took away the skill gap in leading shots. Now everybody has a laser beam in their hands and anybody can four you across the map. And the netcode is anything but fantastic. Better maybe? but no where near great. I'm getting a ton of blank melees and desync issues. That said, I'm enjoying the game and am very glad we finally got a populated Halo game on PC that we can play.
  13. They're going to win. They're the best team in h5 at the moment. They have 2 top 3 players and 2 top 5 players. I'm just glad we'll finally get another winner besides optic, they're killing Halo faster than 343 ever did.
  14. Chig always was the most overrated player of all time. If you mean consistently below average then yeah, I agree.
  15. That's what happens when you pick up a terrible old washed up pro who's desperately clinging onto his youth by trying to play professional Halo again.

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