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  1. While I understand what you mean by my shot not being the major importance of growing as a player I know I have an issue with it. When I receive callouts, use great map movements etc, and encounter someone not looking at me or who is weak and still lose the gun fight there is an issue. I think I'm going to try grinding FFA as I've pretty much never done it outside of trying to get my initial 50 in H3.
  2. I'm thinking of grinding it out on alts in FFA/TA.
  3. I know for a fact my play can be improved to help my team more but I was a little more focused on my shot. Sadly my poor shot even translates in to guns as simple as the Storm Rifle/SMG. I'm not saying I lose a fight with SMG against AR or anything I'm just saying even then I feel my shot not as good. Also, I appreciate the tips but not sure to upvote or downvote you. Do you like the downvotes? Haha
  4. I really wish there was a playlist I could play to just work on my shot. I used to do Warzone Assault but with how fast you progress through your REQ levels now and with how chaotic it is I just don't feel it's good enough. Plus the engagements are at much further distances. A social slayer would be fantastic.
  5. I've been trying to limit my jumps to only one which is then followed up by a thrust in the other direction.
  6. I've tried both. For years I leaned forwards with elbows on knees and it really started to hurt quads/knees after a long session. Now I sit a bit close with a slight hunch.
  7. Not right now but you can add me as I play constantly. Gamertag is xMaggs. I appreciate any and all advice as well.
  8. I've played some Warzone/FFA with my computer headset on listening to some music (Like Neighbor would do to warmup in H3) without any game sound at all and I actually found my shot was better. Now my overall gameplay was lacking due to having no gamesound but I felt more calm. I need to somehow get that feeling while having game sound.
  9. I've played, and I've sweated. Damn near 14 days of sweating.
  10. I really do feel like this is a big issue. I find myself panicking when it just get's my killed. I've been trying to really calm down but not sure if it's been working.
  11. Hmmm. This is actually one of the things I haven't though about. I've done quite the opposite in trying to improve my strafe which may be throwing mine off more. Will do. Thanks.
  12. Before we get in to exactly what the title states I want to give as much information as I can on the matter. I've been playing Halo for quite a long time. I know a lot of you have been playing longer than me but I got in to it around 2005. I bought an Xbox 360 just for Halo 2. I wasn't really good at H2. I knew how to BXR, BXB, etc. but I don't think I got any higher than level 32. Halo 3 came out and I got a bit better. I didn't get my first 50 in that until about 2 years in when I got it in Team Slayer/Lone Wolves. At this point I was really in to MLG but just wasn't good. I believe the highest my MLG rank got was 35. Halo Reach came out and I got even better. This is (sadly I don't know why) when I started playing Halo a lot more. I think I accumulated a total of 17 days (not anything compared to some of you guys/pros but it was the most for me so far). I did a couple seasons of Arena (or whatever the hell it was called) and hit Onyx every time. I considered myself "good" but not great. H4 we'll just skip because it didn't have a ranking system. Now on to Halo 5. I have a disgusting 13 days, 18 hours played already. I think the highest I've hit was 1700-1800 TS and around the same for Team Arena. I know you might say "Well this is okay" but I do not believe that for the amount of time I've put in to this game. Also, I know my rating comes more from coordinated teams, map movement, etc as opposed to my shot. I'm going to be honest and say my shot just feels like garbage. Often times I'll get the first one or two shots in a fight and STILL manage to lose it. I've done everything from really trying to slow the game down, to drinking caffeine, to avoiding caffeine, to sleeping longer, to grinding Octagon for hours, to just grinding the game all fucking day. I'm just about tempted to start Yoga since T2 strongly recommends it (Kappa). I don't know what it is. I don't feel like my shot has improved at all in months. Can you just hit a cap? I know my map movement, positioning etc. can be better but I'm focused on my shot/aiming. inb4 adderrall.
  13. I'm just curious as to how you balance around a 4sk Pistol. I'm not against it but does it break the weapon balancing if that's the only change? My questions are: Does 4sk Pistol break the sandbox? If yes how do we address BR/DMR? Do this automatically balance out SMG/Storm Rifle? I think we need to go further than just "We need 4sk Pistol."
  14. A 4sk Pistol would absolutely break weapon balance. There would never be a reason to pick up a BR/DMR. I think people really just want to hold a BR. If the game released with a Start BR in place of the pistol with the EXACT same mechanics there would be no issue with these people.
  15. This is a big thing for me. I am in no way a fan of the OS's being contested and sprinted at less than 2 seconds in to the game. I'm sure I'm beating a dead horse here, or maybe living in the past, but I liked the way Halo 3 did it. Pit for example. Both Snipes contested custom with a mandatory fight you had to win before picking it up or it was burned. Same with Green Hall. Halo 5 is just sprint and hope you get the luckier nades. I just think the beginning of the games play out way too fast and before you know it there are already 10 kills on the board. Slows down a bit after that.
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