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  1. If teams have to reap what they sow, doesn't that mean Str8 and Optic have to as well? They knew the rules and made a change anyways. End of story.
  2. No player or team should. I get that they want the top players competing in the finals. But to possibly,if not for sure, deny a team a chance to make a name for themselves or for players who have consistently placed well to get screwed like this, is just ridiculous. You make a set of rules and stick to it until an appropriate time comes to change said rules.
  3. These constant team changes would be very unappealing to any org thinking of picking up a team. I get that the top teams want to push for that first place but Jesus.
  4. Any lans or local tournaments in the dfw area? Preferably near Denton, Carrolton or frisco. Add: DaddyParanoia
  5. Looking to play H2A customs for HCS or online tournaments. Add: DaddyParanoia
  6. Played quite a bit last night and enjoyed the beta. The rockets blast radius is horrendous though. Sprint is sprint but after playing H2A I actually didn't even use it once. Thrust is fine for me. I used it more offensively than defensively and didn't have too many issues with opponents using it as a "get out of jail free" card. I like how tight the BR is. Truth is just ridiculously big. It needs to be scaled down. I felt as if I was running laps sound the map before finding the enemy team. I'll have more input with my post time.
  7. I can understand the prize pool being a frustrating thing. As stated before, this "league" is new. It has started out rough and it sucks but with a little trial and error, things can get better. Sticking it out and doing our best to make sure we show support for this franchise we all love will only help. Give input in a professional manor, go to events, watch the stream or hell, leave the stream up if you've got work and other responsibilities that stop you from watching the entire event. If we want this, we have to work for it. Shit just can't be handed to us.as for the state of the actual game...that's another issue in itself. Game is still broken and has plenty of issues to fix. The game should have worked straight from the box but the fact is it didn't. We have a right to be angry. But boycotting the game and the league puts us right back to where we were before HCS was started. With nothing. I'd rather not go without having tournaments again. Just my 2 cents.
  8. I've been getting pretty lucky the past couple of nights with getting games. Averaging about 9 or 10 games in 2-3. Partly due to smoke breaks and the other main part is obviously having to rejoin parties.
  9. They could have just added more maps to the halo 2A over the course of 10 years and is still play it. You know, just as long as the bugs were finally fixed.
  10. So I may be blind but I can't find a stream to watch.
  11. EG to pull out the win. Looking for Cloud9 to place well also.
  12. Our goal right now should be getting it back to what is was in Halo 3, spectator wise. I feel that's when it was at its peak. Once we accomplish that, I'll have more confidence in it growing passed that.
  13. Got locked out of my xbl account for 30 days because I updated a security info tie to said account. Apparently this is a new security procedure. Change your phone number on the account takes 30 days! Woo! Temporary GT: DaddyParanoia
  14. The new patch seem to put everything back to day one.
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