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  1. lilty

    Dexter Discussion

    Considering he has killed plenty of people outside of the code I don't think talking to Harry has exactly kept him on the right track.
  2. lilty

    Dexter Discussion

    I'm pretty sure the show will end with Dexter being declared insane and ending up in an asylum. The introduction of Vogel in this season leads me to believe this. She's worked with Harry in the past and obviously has a connection with him and Dexter. I think at some point during this season she will find out that Dexter has been talking to Harry for many years (at least every season which is at least 10 years since there were some jumps in time between seasons). Eventually Dexter will be found out but if Vogel has this information of him speaking to his dead dad for advice it could prevent him from getting imprisoned/the death penalty. I don't know, I may be way off base but I think that sounds like something that could happen.
  3. I go to UW as well. Looking to get involved in the local scene. GT: liltydude
  4. Honestly at this point I'm most excited for the Nintendo E3 Direct and hopefully some footage of MGSV.
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