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  1. Looking to join a competitive team, St. Louis would be on my schedule if I can find a team in time. I live in Wisconsin and I'm 24, my gamertag is i heberlein i, i'll be on tonight around 7:30CST.
  2. Looking for a team to run HCS and also go to events with. I started with Halo 2 and have played consistantly since (took a break after 4 due to getting an Xbox One and not having a harddrive for my 360). I have only attended local LANs/tournaments due to age at the time and money constraints. Looking to get on or set up a serious team that is willing to go to events and hopefully place well in them. Gamertag: i heberlein i Twitter: nheberlein Location: Wisconsin Age: 24 Hit me up if you're interested in adding me to your team or just running some games, I'm always up for some sort of game.
  3. I tweeted you yesterday, just wanted to make sure I got on the list for tryouts, to keep it short for now: Gamertag: i heberlein i Age: 24 Location: Wisconsin
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