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  1. I believe universal thrusters is the one new mechanic that can actually add something to the gameplay, with some changes though, as in it's current form you can easily back out of bad situations. I would like to see everyone start off with only 2 thrusts that do not recharge, unless you refresh that energy by finding "energy capsules", around the map or obtain your opponent's unused energy after a kill. I also think that if the thruster mechanic was only able to be used when you have a red reticle, it would encourage ofensive play. This means that you should be able to shoot while thrusting, and with a killtime of 1 second or less on the utility weapon I think the mechanic's negatives could be mitigated. You could even tie the thruster to your shields where you could only use it with half shields or more so as to eliminate the chance that someone down a shot will thrust around a corner to safety. I think all these changes would make thruster into just an enhancement for your basic movement and strafing abilities as it should be.
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