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  1. Fronter Bumper add to run
  2. gamertag Fronter Bumper. im an onyx HCS player looking to find a good gb team to then go to events with
  3. used to be high onyx/champ but stopped playing for months. slowly getting back into it. Invite for customs or matchmaking gt: Fronter Bumper
  4. Fronter Bumper ^ gamertag above ^ in the GTA
  5. On the main page can we get the coaches of each team with the players? Why are they not recognized
  6. I just think it would hinder the pro scene in size as less teams will be org sponsored outside of the 8 maybe 10
  7. considering EU has 6, it's almost a slap in the face that NA only gets 8
  8. "The last item is a slight increase to movement speed while crouching. This has been increased to allow for crouching to be a more viable choice for players to flank and attack. The speed isn’t drastic, but after months of testing we’ve found it to be the sweet spot." RIP No radar dream
  9. the more halo forums, the better for halo. regardless on what they disagree, halo needs numbers! (inb4 a halo hate forum)
  10. haven't been on the forums in a while so i'm behind on intel, you probably deserve all the downvotes you're getting for the most part but your statement about firebird and t2 is 100% correct. most people downvoting you are low onyx/ below that, I haven't played with firebird much since he's probably 'too good for me now' but it's understandable being dropped since T2 is a big name. he won't last long on any team. T2 is a below average player I'm a big t2 fan, but i'm not delusional.
  11. - remove walking from showing on radar (all spartan abilities will show)* - nerf railgun (increase minimum charge time, rather than decrease damage)* - nerf splinter nades or remove from competitive* - make re-spawn time on autos longer* (my suggestion is towards the respawn time rather than nerfing the damage as a I feel 343 will not make to big changes to their current weapon/damage sandbox) - reduce magnetism on snipers (very slightly) - add a snipers playlist* - keep arena playlist the same name, but have only HCS gametypes* - add a doubles playlist on modified 2v2 maps. (community approved forge maps to be considered as well) *ABSOLUTE MUST NEEDS*
  12. isn't it a tad 'insulting' to all the current pro players and talent here in NA to only have 8 and then give EU 6? We all know there are a couple good EU teams but i feel NA 8 - EU 6 is so disproportionate. I was really hoping for 10 teams in NA and 6 for EU. (I scrolled through a couple of pages and didn't see anyone talk about it)
  13. trevahloic really? if he's considered anywhere near good enough for pro league then I should be too not throwing shade but I outplay that kid all the time (like it happens to me in MM). don't know about smart camper and dextrim. i hope vetoed find a good squad and i'm rooting for firebird too edit: thought I quoted just the bottom part so i may as well comment on the rest of your predictions, I don't agree with all of it but who will at this point. I agree with the top 3
  14. We should all come together and solidify one thread there. Just one of us trying to do it randomly... is like EG trying to beat CLG at SH going 1 by 1 off respawn. lel
  15. IMMEDIATE fixes and changes I feel this game needs: 1. 2 more bullets in pistol clip 2. storm rifles and smg's longer respawn time. 3. Auto-Stabilize needs to to be able to de-activated the same way it is activated. (ex. you click the sprint button to activate auto stabilize if you have it off, you should be able to deactivated it in mid air if you have it on) 4. better map rotation in arena and slayer playlists. 5. Sniper and doubles playlists. optional ones i feel to be discussed: 1. radar on/off. or any variation of sprint only showing on radar (i am in favour of this).
  16. I ran out of +rep when I saw this, so I just left my page on this till today so i could +rep. rosermania updates for a day > respecting growing halo. I just directed someone to these forums from ninjas chat as he was looking for "a site to keep up with all the rostermania changes", as you can see I am also doing my part
  17. You are incorrect, Halo teams do have contracts based on monthly pay. ALG manager even confirmed their monthly pay with all 4 players. If ALG has contracts you best bet EG, CLG, and probably Denial & RNG had them as well to say the least.
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