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  1. Fronter Bumper add to run
  2. gamertag Fronter Bumper. im an onyx HCS player looking to find a good gb team to then go to events with
  3. used to be high onyx/champ but stopped playing for months. slowly getting back into it. Invite for customs or matchmaking gt: Fronter Bumper
  4. Fronter Bumper ^ gamertag above ^ in the GTA
  5. On the main page can we get the coaches of each team with the players? Why are they not recognized
  6. I just think it would hinder the pro scene in size as less teams will be org sponsored outside of the 8 maybe 10
  7. considering EU has 6, it's almost a slap in the face that NA only gets 8
  8. "The last item is a slight increase to movement speed while crouching. This has been increased to allow for crouching to be a more viable choice for players to flank and attack. The speed isn’t drastic, but after months of testing we’ve found it to be the sweet spot." RIP No radar dream
  9. the more halo forums, the better for halo. regardless on what they disagree, halo needs numbers! (inb4 a halo hate forum)
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