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  1. LMAO look at you trying to get in with the internetz kool kidz. Haha
  2. Contrdicting yourself now. not very smart are you?
  3. Batchford. Nice goose egg + ragequit. I could hear you having a hissy fit cus mcc gme chat lmao hypocrite getting caught with his pants down
  4. Having a strong pistol WILL not make the game like halo ce. H5 is closer to cod than it is ce anyway. Any one who thinks h5 will play like hce is very clearly delusional
  5. again. You had everysingle post you made proved factually wrong. U realised this so you started trolling rather than admit you were wrong. So everything ive"calledyou" were merely observations on YOUR behaviour
  6. I feel sorry for you. You should talk to a therapist if im reading between the lines correctly
  7. I destroyed your post by using logic and reasoning and you turn around and say i cant debate? Lmao funny
  8. Its clearthat you are the one who is salty. You get your arguments destroyed so you resort to trolling. Grow up dude
  9. Im sorry but having abig ego because of your forum status really does out you as pathetic in reality. Tis quite funny and sad at the same. I pity you
  10. So you lost the original argument and now your acting up like a little girl? Hahaha your pathetic. clearly i did read your posts as i demolished every single one of your arguments along with you'r ego
  11. Re read my post cus i coud just copy and paste my original post and it would destroy your argument again. Your advocating less thinking, more bumrushing tactics. (less skill) If thats what you enjoy fine but i prefer to play games that take skill
  12. hahahahahahaha now i know you have absolutely zero understanding on the subject H5 like ce. Hahahahahaha thats hilarious.
  13. Sorry but you just don't get it. Facepalming so hard right now. I'm done with you'r incompetence. Go play you'r h3 ars if youlike that "playstyle" so much Lmfao Edit: h3 pistol not being the same as h5s is irrelvant because i was using an extreme example to point out the flaw in your logic about map movement
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