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  1. The fact that LG is playing Panda in 20 minutes and its not being streamed is such bs man
  2. So is the game enjoyable now? Like can i come back and actually have fun playing? Did the update work or what someone fill me in please
  3. I don't mean production wise or venue wise as I think both are really good just the time they need to fix, less streamed matches or something so the finals are at a more reasonable hour.
  4. They really need to do a better job of running these tourneys man I know it's not easy trust me I've done it. But having the finals starting at 3am est for two best of 7s is just fair to the players or the viewers.
  5. i heard Cratos hopes and dreams got crushed tonight by daddy Stellur life is good man lol
  6. Whenever the Str8 Skins come out they are going to be fire
  7. I havnt been on the forums in days someone give me a TLDR of what has happened?
  8. Calling Nv to win this weekend only cause Snipedown and Lxthul are back on the same squad.
  9. Not going to lie i am super jealous of all the events that GoW and CoD are getting especially as they are all spread out across the country. Don't get me wrong i am grateful for everything ESL and beyond do for halo with the pro league and online tournaments but man do i miss traveling to events and such
  10. Its almost 6 am and im still wondering where the TL skins are......
  11. The complete 180 turn around in performance from LOL is incredible to see to be honest.
  12. there are so many things i would rather they changed first before taking our radar
  13. I am all for no radar but if you think just because there is going to be no radar that most people are going to magically become better is delusional
  14. i think its cause the casters are not available both days i remember seeing something about it but im not 100% sure.
  15. Im pretty sure E6 and LG are not going and it has to be cause of the prize pool no offense but it probably cost more to get to the event than what they could possibly win.
  16. Although i agree that ninja playing on hotel net is bs he couldnt just not go to twitchcon i am pretty sure he is under contract with the budlite allstars as well has having to play in the h1 invitational it is a crappy situation but what can you do. LOL played amazing so not taking anything away from them just try not to get on ninjas back to to much
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