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  1. I wonder if Devon went to this this team and not STD interesting
  2. It would be nice and now that it looks like they fixed lag with forge maps maybe some new maps as well.
  3. yeah thats what i meant i just called it the pro pipe in reach i didnt even know it had a warzone thing haha but yeah they should add it
  4. So why have we not tested the pro pipe i think it would be better than the caster
  5. Yeah i agree, but still ive seen crazy things happen i mean if nothing major changes it will probably be ALG vs Splyce for a spot at worlds unless cryptic upsets everyone but we will see. Its going to be stressful and heartbreaking to watch no matter what.
  6. I mean maybe but im more interested in seeing if EG makes a change cause if they dont, they are not even going to come close in the LCQ
  7. Sigh Ninja played out of his mind this tournament and EL Town didnt have like one good day
  8. The Spylce Vs Allegiance series tomorrow is going to be good
  9. My top 8 for Vegas 1. Liquid 2. Optic 3. NV 4. Splyce 5. EG 6. Alg 7. Str8 8. LG I say Panda and 3sup can upset but who knows :3
  10. What if 3sup beat Eg for top 6 and Devon got the last laugh, i am not saying it will happen but imagine if it did :3
  11. They do need to play more, but i can see where the twins are coming from they both have full time jobs and lunch is married. But sadly if they want to compete for the top spot at worlds the only things that matters is the grind.
  12. Guys i dont know if i can post this year but please some explain to me what is happening LOL the game is glitched https://www.twitch.tv/nooblyyyyy
  13. Im not even going to worlds and i want to know where the F it is
  14. If anyone is watching the major, i wish halo did what they just did with neo. It was a beautiful piece from all differents povs from family to friends. Halo needs that in my opinion.
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