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  1. Geez man the clip that Hecz put at the end from people chanting halo back in 2012 hit me in the feels. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahcnbMdrltI
  2. So many good story lines today, Can Optic remain the juggernaut power house, can Liquid recover from a rough day 2, can Nv continue the 4-0 loser bracket magic or will Str8 give us another game 7 4-3 win series 3 days in a row and advance to top 3 shit is wild.
  3. Whoever made Ace into the shooting star meme i love you, it is the best thing i have ever seen
  4. Can someone please make ace thrusting across stage last night into the shooting star meme please
  5. Guys we are actually going to finish night one before midnight or even 11pm im in shock
  6. 100% but i feel like people think they are the weakest of the foreign teams
  7. I think Immunity is going to do super well idk why but i got a feeling.
  8. I am really impressed about the videos and stuff that Halo is putting out, now all they need to do is add Str8 skins and il be happy af
  9. I just felt like it could of been a lot better im not saying it was bad at all but eh
  10. its a 100k fine if you mention the winner or any spoilers about the event.
  11. We don't know it was the 5v5 one with all the teams he went with LG but the results wont be aired for another month kinda sucks having to wait.
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