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  1. this is killing me man i need to leave in 30 minutes come on optic
  2. Amazing video my man, looking forward to more videos in the future.
  3. I honestly hope one day Halo gets to this level, it would be glorious
  4. I need them to release the new skins! I need a Nv pistol skin in my life
  5. EG communication last night was pretty good, the twins were screaming and getting frustrated a little to much i feel. Ninja was actually really calm and tried to keep everyone in line, was really cool to see tbh
  6. oh snap, really? Thats good so i guess you guys could use forge maps
  7. Forge maps are needed i think man, so many talented people out there, why not add some well made maps
  8. i dont think its possible cause the server that they use on "lan" cant handle forge maps or at least that is what i have heard.
  9. Nothing against falcated but i think ALG was working way better with Str8 Sick
  10. So like can we get extraction in H5 please it would work so well in this game, and at this point anything is better than assault
  11. Clg is playing Liquid tonight, other than that its up in the air
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