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  1. i know renegade is good but he is playing really well this series im impressed
  2. is there first series going to be over before 10pm est no way
  3. I think i member seeing someone in aces stream say that Renegade JW will be filling in for Maniac this week can someone confirm or deny this?
  4. Im off the forums for one day and shit blows up when im gone i love it
  5. elevate was up 4, rya noobs team came back ryanoob had rockets and killed himself and they lost.
  6. Im sure if they wanted to move in the house they could with crim moving out and maniac potentially moving out than im sure there is more than enough room
  7. Anyone know who won the FFA tonight? I wasnt home so i didnt watch it
  8. lol yeah i agree 100% couldnt they just bench him and play with there sub?
  9. So is e6 going to throw tonight as well? What you guys think.
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