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  1. hopefully i dont get caught watching pro league in class today.
  2. Was i really on the stream?? LOL i had to shut the browser when i got bitched at and yeah i was in class lol
  3. Oh Snap i forgot EU is back sweet now i have something to watch this afternoon
  4. Where you think people are going to end up? Is Str8 Sick pretty much confirmed for E6 or what
  5. Look Cratos hasnt done anything impressive all of pro league this season whil Stellur is legit carrying most games like the owner of E6 needs to tell cratos to be mature like i know thats had for him but still.
  6. Yeah they played poorly in the replay but the ruling was crap no way they should of taken the difference EG should of only needed 14 points the ruling tilted them so hard i mean honestly i think any team would be tilted after that.
  7. When you are at school and all you want to do is be home grinding halo, and waiting to watch pro league. Feelsbadman
  8. I dont think they are the only ones but i think lunch is a plumber and roy is a electrician but i could be wrong
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