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  1. Yeah you are probably right but those splyce and str8 skins tho jesus
  2. Like they need to make skins for worlds right, the money they would get would be insane right?
  3. Idk man i think its either going to be C9 out of nowhere or Eunited i know Eunited has been looking for a halo team and what better way to enter halo than with a worlds squad
  4. Yo this LG/Liquid scrim is nice Ninja is playing real solid its crazy
  5. Missed some good halo man i would go back and watch the matches you missed it was hype
  6. Man if they do skins for all the worlds teams (they really should they would make bank) its going to be lit
  7. i would say this cost them the game but Kaiss went 5-17 so LOL
  8. yeah i mean i dont know if they ever played with claim before but Daffs team is playing super well right now.
  9. Looks like 3Sup is down 0-2 to Daffs team heading into game 3
  10. Is this the actually bracket or did you make predictions already? No way people start in losers?
  11. Oh its top 8 points from everything thought it was just from Vegas my bad
  12. It would be, but like honestly it could happen they have been playing off for so long and that is just putting it lightly
  13. I know this probably wont happen but what if EG does not even make it to sunday of the LCQ......
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