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  1. Its not even that its cause everyone shits on each other in halo.
  2. what do you mean thrust is old? We only had it in h6 im saying if they only kept thrust but it was normal halo i think it would work well
  3. I wouldnt mind if they kept thrust in h6 but thats just me also the carbine needs to go off of sanc its so broken its insane
  4. H5 mm system is so flawed lol i dont get it at all sheesh can we just get a normal h2 ranking system please
  5. The amount of people in MM who stand on the flag on sanc make me want to toss myself out the window.
  6. Why is everyone so sad that its gone? Fathom flag was so bad for competitive
  7. Maybe a little of topic right now but anyone know when they updating the playlist??? I have no motivation to play hcs until they do so
  8. So who is going to NV since Huke is more than likely going back to cod.
  9. I wish 343 was more informative about events like yeah microsoft store lans are cool and all but knowing all the events and ladder options for cod already months in advance just takes it for me. Its sad
  10. So i just got home after being gone all day and i just read the update and did they actually listen to us? Like this is not a cruel joke right?
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