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  1. This, plus I do think they can grow it, because MLG knows how to promote and build hype. People who watch/care about console esports will see it, tune in, and maybe stay around. I think the game is inherently watchable enough to gain more traction with stability + promotion.
  2. Also, and it's fine if I am, but am I the only one who likes the fundamentals of H5? See so much 'it's a bad game', but I find the core shooting and thrust mechanically pretty damn satisfying, enough to still keep me playing a long time through some pretty bad map, settings, and playlist choices. They need to make some changes, but I don't think they should scrap what they made here, enjoy the core play (pistol perfects are so satisfying) and kind of disagree with much of the 'this isn't Halo!' 'back to basics get rid of it all!' comments. I think they should build on it for H6, get rid of some of what they added.
  3. I feel like Huke leaving will result in bigger NV changes, maybe even full collapse of team. I'm not sure if they can just swap a player in--it's certainly hard to argue they'll get better that way (or that they'll think they'll be better that way), given how good Huke is and how long they worked on teamwork. Think they need a bigger change, and think they might know that. Where else do you go after being 1 seed and then coming up pretty short? At least 2 player changes are needed, can't try to just 'replace Huke as best as they can' and expect to be better than Optic, Liquid, or Splyce, even if they had an off tournament and can play better than what we saw.
  4. https://twitter.com/MLGSundance/status/921903267151515651 :thinking:
  5. Been out of the loop a little--if Commonly's subbing, do we know who Str8's 4th is gonna be after this?
  6. Yeah, was just thinking about it and realized that was useless comment. More meant, seems like this is what they're trying for now, which is a bit surprising to me. Could work, but not thrilled with it.
  7. Ninj just got an Over an Cratos and friends in a scrim I guess this is 'official' LG? For now at least. Edit: they still lost the game
  8. So we know the 'no ARs in competitive' position in this coming settings update, but what form do we think the rest of autos are going to take in the PG playlist? Still Storm Rifles, SMGs on map? Removed, or fewer of them on the map? We can really only guess at the moment, but 'no ARs' currently doesn't mean 'no autos', unfortunately, which is all they've said so far. What's our best guess--remove most of them or still have the even more OP autos on map? Also: They really better remove Overgrowth, Tyrant, etc if this is going to be the competitive testing playlist.
  9. I'm actually amazed they did all this. Wow, finally. I cannot wait to play that PG playlist.
  10. I actually really do like Proving Grounds' version of the radar, it's definitely better than current radar, but I haven't played NO radar. Curious who here is for it, and who just thinks full blown no radar is better?
  11. Optic is just too good, my god. Were getting outslayed badly, then just turned it on and never looked back. Plus the Frosty Tbags
  12. NV playing good Halo, building a lead [moments later] Optic have 3 kill lead
  13. Man, lucky pull for Str8. 4th NA seed doesn't have to play another NA team, pretty questionable...
  14. "The top North American teams across the nation" -Strongside
  15. As lame as the announcement itself was--and it was real bad--I think the most amazing thing is that @@Timo actually came in here and commented....but only gave non-answers to small facets of the conversation, completely ignored the Burbank decision, and then ghosted. Feels like we're being punk'd.
  16. Cratos sitting in Bubu's stream making excuses it's kinda sad. Anyway, the games between Bubu's team and ALG are on now if you're not watching (Bubu is streaming), pretty intense.
  17. "LG" is getting destroyed by Problem Solvers. Series 6-0 right now, just second best in seeing out each gametype, esp objective.
  18. Was in Vegas covering CES all week, what did I miss?! Had to be something in all these pages, missed any team decisions if they happened.
  19. So...does he does mean it, but it shouldn't be taken like he means it because he's saying it in a joking way? Kinda irritating when people can just hide behind 'oh it's just sarcasm' when there's some back lash.
  20. Yeah, it's just an ignorant thing to say, and the way he said it sounded holding it over this person who has to pay off debt--and I don't normally have any issues with Spartan. Like okay, cool, you're lucky to be able to have made a lot playing a game in one or two specific years, but prize money alone isn't at all sustainable, even for the best squads. Sure someone with college debt will be in debt for the first year, or two, three out of school, but you (more than likely with a degree) earn the ability to get a consistent paycheck to pay it off, then save money, that's the whole idea. Halo players have to stay at the very, very top since prize money isn't that big outside it for this game, and if the pro scene even keeps existing at all...! It could go away at any time. Related to the stress conversation, you don't have to worry about consistent pay checks once you do get a job. And to the college is a scam in general crowd, it's just a weird and privileged thing to say. You can absolutely overpay for school--in fact, it's hard not to in America now and school costs definitely need to be controlled--but college degrees are essentially required for many careers now. If you make smart choices in what you study (there are def majors that won't realistically help you make money!) and are smart about job searching, it will of course pay for itself. Not everyone can just play games competitively or fall into making Optic content (think both Lethul and Maniac and others there have made these sorts of comments), it's an absurdly small percentage of the population, easy for them to say you don't need it--searching for a job even WITH a college degree and experience is difficult. Gotta work for it and make smart choices, but calling it a scam is

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