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  1. Behemoth is the 2nd worst map in the game. It shouldn't be in ranked--they don't even play it in competitive, which shows they know it's not good for it, so why is it in ranked? It is awful (and even worse when you have to play it with AR starts, but still bad with BRs).
  2. Yea, friends and I were discussing what we would change just last night, and remembered (again) that there have been zero balance changes so far, still. Charitably, I know that a game's launch window is when you'll have the most other stuff to fix too, but there is also supposed to a dedicated team for competitive. We've heard nothing and seen even less happen with maps, weapons, anything. Oh and take Behemoth out of ranked PLEASE.
  3. For the no streaming thing, it sucks as fans, but I kind of get it and they're not the only ones. NRG, top Apex team, also doesn't stream scrims or tournaments. It can be a distraction, and I think the other thing they don't necessarily want to say as a reason is (in addition to not streaming strategy) they don't want to be worrying about what they say in public, regret a word choice in the moment, call kids bad without blowback, and just play.
  4. Showing some promise and skill but definitely not much of an ability to close out or stay consistent
  5. Ah man Faze....they led that CTF match aaaaalll game and then let up 2 caps in 2 mins and lost in OT
  6. A bit harsh--they threw some games but played them pretty closely. Bazaar went to a solid OT and they almost had the cap. As has been the case I think they have the skill and potential, but sometimes their comms or plans falls off. Just not at the chemistry level of some of these other squads [yet], TBD If they get there. I think you could argue that is somewhat okay for how new the roster is compared to some others, but they definitely have to improve on it.
  7. Most if not all of them are on PC at home, most of them just stopped crashing. A couple players have issues still, must be something with their install or system. Bound consistently is crashing and has tried all fixes he's been told, must be frustrating. In other news, super close Ball game, Ola clutched it with his whole team dead pulling the ball away and wasting time. That'll hurt for Faze but they dominated the Streets SH game next, 250-63. Game 5 now!
  8. That crash and restart kiiiilled Faze, but they are also very bad at this gametype, 2 huge losses on it today.
  9. Fnatic look decent FWIW, meanwhile Faze will live and die by consistent comms. In Oddball they took a lead, got too comfortable and stopped talking, and then had to sweat the last round to win. They started talked in the latter half of round 3 like they should've been the whole time then won confidently. Slayer they lost (disorganized, but it's slayer), and now they're constantly comming in Streets SH and....are up 232-13.
  10. Was just thinking something similar, their comms were not working that game as they're discussing now after losing a slayer. Fnatic 2-0.
  11. Jokes aside, SSG-Fnatic is going now! Faze is also playing Flame and Enable's squad rn. Edit: Fnatic just took game 1
  12. [Entire Sen roster becomes available] Fnatic: Can't sign them, no development needed
  13. All this talk and waiting for that roster? No offense to the players, it's not their fault, but Fnatic playing this up like some genius long game to end up with a mid-tier roster, lol. Not that any of us are surprised this is the outcome, don't know who they think they were gonna get at this stage!
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