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  2. It's a "living document" so it's subject to change still. We can only hope. I'm not holding my breath.
  3. Lol just saw an ad for HWC at the movie theatre before James Bond.
  4. GT: Yelyts Looking to play MM, Onyx arena looking for similar ranks EST
  5. Alone looking to play MM Diamond+ Arena/Slayer GT: Yelyts
  6. Completely agree. Got Champ 12 on tuesday but I didn't even think about my win %. Ill have to check it out. My biggest complaint is the map selection. I also fucking hate Orion. Why no midship?
  7. well got to Champ 12 on FFA and I think I developed carpal tunnel. Can't play anymore.
  8. lol dude including medals in the post game score screen has to be incredibly simple to add. theres no way it has to do with cost
  9. I think you're missing the broader question here. I'm asking if the mind itself can function without gender. Or if there is such a thing as a "non sentient person" or in this case, AI. Can an autonomous intelligence exist without those? It's really impossible to know at this point. I don't think there is conceivable any way for you to conclude "it is possible for them to be gender neutral or possibly evolve into a new gender" I understand the freshman year queer studies "gender is a societal construct" stuff you're trying to get at but I don't think you're respecting the actual intricacies of the human thought process which, in making an AI, is the only model we have. Sure, people identify as "gender neutral" but that is still in the broader context of gender as we know it today. Like just think about the fact that they have to identify as "gender neutral" rather than that being default. It seems to be to be more reactionary than anything. So I still think an AI would have to have some sense of gender even if it decided to identify as gender neutral.
  10. Although it's impossible to know at this point, id assume it would be impossible to create an Artificial Intelligence without gender. All intelligence we know of has a gender. Do you think it's possible to be genderless? Considering how it forms our frame of mind and everything? I'm really not sure. In-universe though, isn't she based off of an actual old dead human? So in turn is, by all means, essentially female?
  11. yo can you hook me up with that too? ohmystyley
  12. My bad for directing it at you then, but hopefully you still understand my point
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