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  1. Looking for a team of vets who have a few years under their belt. I have event experience in both halo 3, reach and then cod also. Looking for a solid team that can compete. I am able to attend without question and can out in the necessary time. Anyone interested needs to message me on Xbox or Twitter GT: HHighBriD @iAmHighBriD I'm a very solid slayer and I know how to control a map very well. And I have a lot of knowledge on the game. Looking forward to meeting some people.
  2. Have lots f event experience. Looking for a team to compete in online tournies and also to attend events. Org preferrably. Can play every night, and play consistently. Message me on Twitter or XBL, @iAmHighBriD GT: HHighBriD
  3. Defiant Gaming is looking for 3 players for the Halo 5 season. Planning to attend all major events. All final team decisions have been left to me to build the team to my liking. Will be playing in online tournies as well as qualifiers for events and events themselves. For more information and updates follow me on Twitter: @iAmHighBriD Add me on XBL if interested in running GT: HHighBriD
  4. Hit me up on Twitter @iAmHighBriD or GT: HHighBriD Need 1 for Daytona, flights and hotel booked already. Need 1 who is for sure going and wants to run.
  5. Aight, I'm off for the weekend because of school stuff, I'll be on Sunday night, and running every night after
  6. Hit me up on Twitter if you have it, @HighBriD_4B, my GT is HHighBriD, I have event experience, and plan on going to Daytona assuming I can get a squad together
  7. Needing a team for Daytona, preferably one with a TP covered. I can handle travel and hotel. Hit me up on Twitter @HighBriD_4B or add me xbox HHighBriD
  8. @HighBriD_4B, qualifications are t20 at multiple events, won multiple online tourneys. Consistent top 20 on GB team ladder, consistent top 5 on singles. Have coached t20 teams as well. Played dying halo 3 era and first bit of reach, and I'm back now, looking for experienced players to play with and possibly team GT: HHighBriD
  9. Mudshot, Idk if you remember me, I have made some variations to my gamertag since halo 3. I have placed t20 at events as well as one multiple online. I stayed a consistent top 20 on the TL for gamebattles, and also stayed a consistent top 5 on the singles ladder during the later halo 3 era. I played you in singles a couple of times. But I am currently going to Daytona for the event and need 2 more (TP paid for), and possibly more. But hit me up, HHighBriD, my twitter is @HighBrid_4B
  10. Looking for a team for Iron Gaming Daytona at the end of October. Have a lot of experience playing at professional levels in halo. Message me on Twitter or xbox, @iAmHighBriDdanHHighBriD
  11. I am looking for a team, really want to compete at IG Daytona, I've placed t20 multiple times, plus many top 32 FFA finishes, plus holding the #1 1v1 while playing GBs for fun (held about 2 months or so). Used to practice with Tizoxic and team Dynasty during halo 3. HMU on Twitter, @iAmHighBriD And I recognize Synergy from somewhere, not sure where. But I think me and him have competed several times in the past.
  12. Also, I am east coast (Alabama), and play every night. I'm 22 so I'm also in college so I may have to work around things here and there.
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