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  1. Have 343 announced a deadline for when the settings for HWC 2018 will be finalized? Disregard, it's January 5th.
  2. The only good thing that 343 could do for Halo 6 is pay someone else to do it. Just like they have done for the 2018 HWC with MLG (Which is the only good thing they've done since NSNB Reach)
  3. Where do we sign up to this 2v2 tournament? for future events.
  4. Looking for players for Arena, at least diamond or smurf. Must have microphone. Can communicate via game chat, party chat, skype and discord GT - Agony Q
  5. Agony Q MM Any Region, Pref NA Have mic, strong comms Can skype or Team Speak Positive attitude, don't rage
  6. Hey, looking for guys to run MM and customs with. I'm online during your 6pm-12pm timeframe. ---Positives--- Very positive attitude Strong Comms Australian Accent Lots of competitive experience LAN xp OBJ player Skype / TS / XBL Chat GT - Agony Q
  7. Thank you very much Moa. I was afraid I might cap my internet haha
  8. This is an odd and most likely stupid question. When going into spectator mode am I downloading a 1080p video like if I were watching twitch.tv on high quality? Same question for Theatre Any help would be appreciated
  9. Having AR/Pistol starts promotes map movement to get to a slightly better weapon like a BR or an SMG, if everyone starts with an BR over the pistol there is no reason to pick up a pistol at all leaving it highly undervalued in the sandbox. If you replace the AR with the BR you do the same to the AR because the SMG, Storm rifle and Suppressor are all superior to it. AR/Pistol starts are good since it promotes complete use of all weapons in Halo 5
  10. Bomb assault, oddball, KOTH and maps to suit these gametypes
  11. Playing prime time Aus and NZ 4pm - 10pm on a Saturday, I have not matched one recognizable Aus or NZ player all night, every game is full of either thick USA accents or people that speak a language I do not understand. Whats worse is the ping difference is making it unwinnable in gametypes like Breakout and Swat where you can shoot them 2 or 3 times without it registering and then they just turn around and kill you...... very frustrating. It's back to custom games for everyone that lives outside of USA. Also, I seem to teleport often now since this unlocking of regions.
  12. They would have chucked it into arena to get it some exposure, it is a completely new gametype in Halo and many "Hardcore" players would not search it and give it much of a chance. I assume in the coming months it will be removed from whatever becomes the new "Arena" playlist, but still think with updates it will be a gametype played about 5-10% of the time in HCS.
  13. Hello all, I would like to get an opinion from everyone in regards to the radar in the ranked playlists in Halo 5, particularly Arena and Slayer. My personal opinion is that is slows the game play down since you have players abusing the defensive capabilities of the radar. Players can no longer go for a quick flank under an opposing team or above them because you will appear on the radar, unless you crouch walk. Slayer games can easily become a camp fest and very stagnate with no reason to push when you risk running into an opponent that knows exactly where you are due to sitting in a corner, and being rewarded with just sitting there by gaining vision of your location via the radar. Yes the range is nice and low and it's not overpowered, but locations that are separated by thin walls and or elevation become extremely risky to push into. Take the ledge between sniper and top mid on Coliseum for example, just standing still on that will give you the 18m radius which will tell you if a player is coming via sneaky,BR, down in the pit from bottom mid, the snipe ramp and even when they jump up the step outside of the snipe ramp. All this free vision from just sitting still, then you can also add on the vision they get from looking. Orion is a good example, it is massively hindered by the radar. Typically the team that gets sniper will set up on either Blue or Red and create a very stand off play style, sitting in place waiting for free kills whilst the other team attempt to get a sneaky crouch walk across the map. This style of game play is very slow and methodical, but I can imagine from a spectators perspective it would be boring as hell, as often it is for the people in the game whom crouch around a corner with their shotguns and storm rifles waiting for the enemy to appear on radar. This isn't the case when you have a party of 4 players that can orchestrate a combined push. If you are fortunate enough to be in a fireteam of 4, or you happen get 3 teammates with headsets you can minimize the benefits of the radar with a quick team push, but otherwise you fall pray to cheesy tactics. The radar takes away a lot of a players ability to perform sneaky jukes or simply backing off via elevation, no longer can you drop down from Pink 3 or 2 (Truth) and run off down pink 1 or take a sneaky route around to their side because that player you are trying to juke has a radar that tells them everything you are doing. On a positive note for the radar it does give a bit of counter play to aggressive sprinting players. Usually by the time you see that red dot, you turn around and get hit with a shoulder charge. I really think radar should be removed in the 4v4 ranked playlists, every other playlist I don't mind. So please post opinions both for and against radar, maybe you can change my opinion on the matter.
  14. How many games have balanced Sprint into a competitive title..... Any game that uses sprint as a mechanic will inevitably become balanced similarly into what COD is because they have balanced sprint over the last several years
  15. I wanted to pick them all...... bad poll
  16. Halo 5 will just be an inferior version of COD. I don't buy COD and they are good at sprint based competitive FPS. Lots of posts from Aus / NZ community on teambeyond
  17. Faster kill time = why the fuck bother having spartan armor if it does nothing, just play COD
  18. Announcer: "Goosed!" Description: Finish a game with 0 kills Announcer: "Fuck 343i" Description: Use no abilities for the entire game - e.g. sprint, smart scope, clamber, thruster, ground pound
  19. Dedicated servers still wont be equally fair to all parties since one person will be on a ping of 5 and another will be on 100. It's online ranking, people gonna DOS, Drophack and Bridge regardless to get some stupid badge that says "Hey I'm a 50" Private servers are the best for online gaming
  20. 343i clearly want to incorporate different move speeds in their new games, even Bungie added it into Reach. So making the base move speed higher wont stop them from adding sprint into the game.
  21. Instead of sprint - You are given a boost to move speed by 10-15% for a period of 1-5 seconds, this would still allow you to fire your weapon and use all your abilities as per normal. Where as with sprint you lose the ability to shoot and throw grenades, hence sprint is more effective whilst being used defensively. The extra speed boost you get would have to be relatively minor. If it is too high you risk some of the same fall backs you get from sprint, such as having to make maps larger or respawn timers shorter because players can get from one end of the map to the other in such short periods of time. Introducing this mechanics will increase skill gap due to it being harder to shoot players whom are moving 10% faster, and it is harder to shoot whilst you are strafing with an increased 10% movespeed. Some sort of visual identifier would need to be incorporated to allow players to know when you are using this speed boost. Edit - Another idea would be introducing a system much like the one used in Counter Strike; - Player holding a primary weapon has base 100% move speed - Player holding Secondary weapon (Pistol) has 110% move speed The extra move speed you are granted whilst equipped with the pistol would be negated by having a longer kill time than those with primary weapons equipped. But at the same time you are still enabled to option to shoot at players whilst granted the extra move speed, unlike the Sprint feature used in previous Halo games and Sprint used in COD where you have to cancel the Sprint animation to be able to shoot again, hence making sprint more of a defensive ability whereas the ideas I have mentioned above are more equally balanced offensively and defensively. Thumbs Up and comment if you would like 343i to try this idea before they put sprint in Halo 5
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