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  1. Have 343 announced a deadline for when the settings for HWC 2018 will be finalized? Disregard, it's January 5th.
  2. The only good thing that 343 could do for Halo 6 is pay someone else to do it. Just like they have done for the 2018 HWC with MLG (Which is the only good thing they've done since NSNB Reach)
  3. Where do we sign up to this 2v2 tournament? for future events.
  4. Looking for players for Arena, at least diamond or smurf. Must have microphone. Can communicate via game chat, party chat, skype and discord GT - Agony Q
  5. Agony Q MM Any Region, Pref NA Have mic, strong comms Can skype or Team Speak Positive attitude, don't rage
  6. Hey, looking for guys to run MM and customs with. I'm online during your 6pm-12pm timeframe. ---Positives--- Very positive attitude Strong Comms Australian Accent Lots of competitive experience LAN xp OBJ player Skype / TS / XBL Chat GT - Agony Q
  7. Thank you very much Moa. I was afraid I might cap my internet haha
  8. This is an odd and most likely stupid question. When going into spectator mode am I downloading a 1080p video like if I were watching twitch.tv on high quality? Same question for Theatre Any help would be appreciated
  9. Having AR/Pistol starts promotes map movement to get to a slightly better weapon like a BR or an SMG, if everyone starts with an BR over the pistol there is no reason to pick up a pistol at all leaving it highly undervalued in the sandbox. If you replace the AR with the BR you do the same to the AR because the SMG, Storm rifle and Suppressor are all superior to it. AR/Pistol starts are good since it promotes complete use of all weapons in Halo 5
  10. Bomb assault, oddball, KOTH and maps to suit these gametypes
  11. Playing prime time Aus and NZ 4pm - 10pm on a Saturday, I have not matched one recognizable Aus or NZ player all night, every game is full of either thick USA accents or people that speak a language I do not understand. Whats worse is the ping difference is making it unwinnable in gametypes like Breakout and Swat where you can shoot them 2 or 3 times without it registering and then they just turn around and kill you...... very frustrating. It's back to custom games for everyone that lives outside of USA. Also, I seem to teleport often now since this unlocking of regions.
  12. They would have chucked it into arena to get it some exposure, it is a completely new gametype in Halo and many "Hardcore" players would not search it and give it much of a chance. I assume in the coming months it will be removed from whatever becomes the new "Arena" playlist, but still think with updates it will be a gametype played about 5-10% of the time in HCS.
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