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  1. I leave for six months and..
  2. Thanks man, I think we might work on more of a script for next week's episode to help prevent some things that come out wrong. Thanks for bringing those to my attention though, our show could still use a little work...
  3. Dat first line -_- I'd love to hear what everyone thinks of the show and how maybe we can improve?
  4. How many milkshakes does it take you (Ghost) to bring all the boys to the yard?
  5. If you don't use this song, then fuck you
  6. Hit me up on xbox, I've got two already. Our team name is Rick O'Shea and we're not willing to budge on the name.
  7. I'm gonna be a bit busy tonight, but I'll probably be giving out some game types for a little bit if you wanna chat
  8. Nope, I'm working for the next few hours
  9. I'll bow when I play it.
  10. Hey guys, Junior here from Revoltuion E-Sports for an update (or an "Hey, you guys exist" for those who don't know). We are currently working on game types and maps based on what you, the community, want to see in competitive Halo 4 settings/maps. You might recognize the v4 No Sprint Camel Modz, ProMods, or Unity settings, which are all game types made by our group. For game types, we are working with polls and opinions from what we hear from the community to adjust game types to what you guys want. You can stay updated on where the polls are over on @rev_esports_tv to cast your vote into our settings. That's really all for an update as far as game types go, but be sure to stay tuned on our twitter for updates. As far as maps go, we are creating an updated map pool with correct game types that can be used with each map. Once we have a full map pool, we will once again ask you guys, the community, on which maps and game types you would like to see in the map pool. While the voting is going on, we will be working on perfecting each map with the updated game types in order to perfect each map for competitive play. Now, once we have a solid map pool and game types (which at this point will be chosen by the community), we can submit these to any Competitive Halo 4 League. Hopefully in the next month or two, we can have all maps and game types perfected and submitted. If you have any questions or if you want more information, just hit us up on twitter ~~~~~>@rev_esports_tv
  11. Weapon timers? I was under the impression that it was straight from ghost's fileshare then modded :/ ah gotcha, well thanks for the heads up, I'll let the modder know.
  12. What was wrong with the Camel Modz?
  13. Message "StrongSide Jr" on xbl to get an invite to get the game types
  14. I'm doing a stream of this right meow. www.twitch.tv/JuniorLives
  15. Here's a link to the full playlist starting off with Epicenter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LveMPyfpai4&list=PL2HEGVYgG_Hp_QhNyWNJq_QzCbVmpqrp-&index=1
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