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  1. CE: 10 Halo 2: 9 Halo 3: 9 Halo Reach: 5/10 ODST: 4/10 H4: Shit H5: 6/10
  2. Gamertag: Giamborg Customs/MM: Both Region: Eastern Still getting used to Halo 5, please invite or friend request me. Thanks.
  3. Giamborg Morristown Coming back to Halo!
  4. Giamborg Both customs and MM Just a reminder I am just getting back into the game. Go easy on me
  5. Gamertag: Giamborg Location: NJ, USA (East Coast) Role: All-Around (Mostly support and objective; but I can be a slayer sometimes (if I am on fire) Age: 23 years old LAN Events: NJHalo from 2009- 2012 (stopped because Halo 4 sucked ass) Twitter:@_Zombro (I think) Head Set: Astro A40s.. Controller: who cares.. I am a pretty nice guy, I have great sportsmanship with teammates and sometimes I do trash talk (which is rare), I am a team player, and I am on almost 5-7 (May vary due to school or work) hours a day after work/ school. But, I go out on Fridays till the morning.. I am getting better everyday you can say.
  6. still looking. serious inquiries only
  7. I am a Support / Objective Player from New Jersey. I do have LAN experience from Halo 3, and Reach from 2009-2011 (if that matters). Add Giambro Baggins
  8. Our fourth left for another team. Still looking for one.

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