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  1. Agreed. Picture the same campaign visual remaster on all (of the good) original H2 maps where the game plays exactly as you remember it like it does in the campaign. That is the H2A the world deserved.
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/roy Roy playing with Trippey, Mikwen and Aries
  3. I like Citadel. Like someone said, block off the shotgun hallways then add a few jump ups and it is surely the best option available
  4. I like Longshore but they took out the best part of the map on MCC... and then of course the Whales opening their eyes easter egg thing
  5. Only one thing that needs to change for next event please FREE T2
  6. After the first Splyce 4-0 I turned off the stream assuming it would be another boring Splyce win rip
  7. Missed out on spec tickets If anyone cant make it or has a spare ticket or two please let me know! Long shot i know
  8. https://twitter.com/OpTicMaNiaC/status/1031778797018902528?s=19
  9. We should get the word out to as many people as we can that the update is finally coming and to go and pick up MCC second hand from a trade in shop. In the UK any shop such as CEX has loads of copies (because probably 90% of people sold theirs the first month after release ) for like £15. I cant see many people buying the game at full price again but £15 for a mostly working MCC is a damn good deal

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