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  1. Ive been gone for the best part of a year. (checked in a hand full of times) One thing I have to say is. Its disappointing to see you guys still asking for the same, generally small things to be changed. It bewilders me that we cant have a good quality stream. They pump a couple million into the prize pool and then cant showcase the game properly ? Lets not even get into the fact we are still playing radar, with Auto's and 6 billion power weapons on map.
  2. My Critique would be I felt you werent looking at the camera enough. You were constantly looking down at the monitor infront of you which means we were looking at the top of your head alot of the time. I would put alot of the rest of it down to nerves and experience. With practice you will become more comfortable on camera, you will waffle less (talk unrelated nonsense) and generally offer more insight. Its always best to be prepared I think. Have a little list of topics wrote down, Q cards, in front of your to talk about between matches. I remember watching the beginning of the FFA finals and you two struggled for small chat, because ye both could not think of a topic. This would help, and its such a little thing.
  3. WOW JUST WOW This is the game I have been waiting for, thank you Dice for executing it to perfection. The game has fixable faults which you would expect at launch. Slow menu being the worst. But damn is this an enjoyable game!
  4. Im disappointed MWR is bundled with Infinite Warfare not because im upset I have to pay more for both, but because it flaws the pre order numbers. I think this title would of seen a record low number of pre orders had it not been for MWR. The amount of people calling for boots on the ground is defying. Even the professionals are calling for it regularly now. Im actually watching Nadeshot go in on IW right now. Its refreshing to people speak out. Going from great titles like the modern warfare series, Black Ops 1 and of course the earlier titles like Cod 3 and WaW. COD has gone so downhill. Likewise with Halo. We had 3 really good games and then they took everything that made Halo great and took it out of the game. Im a halo fanatic, I play Halo for a couple of hours every day and I have done since about 2006. I literally mean, everyday. The correlation with COD and Halo going downhill has been the movement systems. Both games took the flying around in the sky route. Huge mistake. The fact Ive to wait for COD to remaster a game to play the series again is terrible. Like wise with Halo, Im still playing MCC because I get my H1, H2 and H3 fix. All the while im praying they announce a 10th year anniversary of Halo 3. I played the IW beta and it was exactly what I expected. Thrash. Im so glad Battlefield 1 is here, I can us talking about how good of a game it is in year to come.
  5. Its a realistic theory. He dosent need to compete really does he? He made more last year winning the H1z1 comp then he did in Halo if im correct. Add in his generous fan base too.. His fan base is pretty big right now, if he concentrated on streaming,content and expanding his fan base through multiple games and genre's he would be a huge hit imo. He is a great entertainer, but at the same time. @@Ninja is a competitor at heart. I think it would be hard for him to not compete. But all the unnescessary hate he gets could sway things. I hope not.
  6. How about we take radar out, take sprint out, take abilities out. And actually play a Halo game to begin with
  7. This picture in your sig Made me think of this , Which makes me think, How good of a player would a Snipedown and Lxthul create if they successfully performed the fusion dance?
  8. Have you had any sudden urges to mow lawns since you became a full time gamer ?
  9. Am currently pretty out of the loop, sorry for asking the question im sure thats been asked 100000s of times, Will Hecz be moving some of the Halo team into the new house?
  10. Ive been lurking for the best part of 6 months. Im breaking that silence to say, this "sources" thing is getting out of hand. Stop it. On topic, damn nV looks beast. Ola and Eric on the same team, im in!
  11. Of course. Like a football league. Until every team plays eachother, its hard to get a good judgement but it still gives a pretty good indication
  12. Been away for abit. Surprised to see how seriously people are taking the power rankings these days. For me its simple, I just look at this... CLG arent #2 after one loss FacePalm
  13. You already know its going to be APG. No way BtH Maniac overlooks his BtH brother aPG .... EDIT: Dont tease us like this Tom
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