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  1. sounds like 343 is pouring a ton of money into this so we'll see ... can someone explain MLG's cringe rebranding to me lol (Esports Engine, really?), Google is not explaining it very well
  2. just played BTB, felt fine to me (switched between controller and M+KB to test out both). honestly my interest isn't as high as I thought, probably I'll go back to Destiny 2 until there's a serious custom games scene
  3. literally didn't know this event was happening until just now, oh well lol. I'm curious what the viewership peaked at for h1 / h3 / h5, does anyone know offhand?
  4. Twitter leaks say we'll have PC gameplay of Infinite at e3
  5. this is literally the longest I've gone without checking Halo news / watching Halo streams since 2009, pretty crazy. somewhat related ... Destiny 2 is in a good place right now (PvP feels like a weirdly fun version of Halo 3, at least when I'm using a pulse rifle). anyway I think things will pick back up after E3 (only a month away now), plus they'll likely start multiplayer flighting before the game's release so that should help as well ...
  6. I literally could not believe it, given that H3's movement is so much more restricted, but watching him play you can just tell that it's Shotzzy; he does these insane jumps on map architecture that you never see normally (outside of like trick-jumping montages from 2009)
  7. As always I'm happy to see the MCC team making these changes but it's just crazy to me that the game came out in 2015 and they're just getting into to these really basic things now? Like it didn't occur to them to fix the tick rate / 60hz / 60fps stuff back in 2013-14?
  8. we don't deserve content as good as Paradise Halo ... these incredible videos have like 400 views, sigh
  9. First Halo: Halo CE Favorite Halo: Halo: Reach (post-TU) ... barely First Competitive Halo: H3 Least Played Halo: Halo 4 Favorite Gun: Halo: Reach sniper Favorite Map: Headlong Favorite Pro: Neighborrrrrrrrrrrrr
  10. haven’t had a chance to watch, but from Snakebite’s Twitter feed it looks like he placed outside the top 2? can’t tell ...
  11. Frosty placed 5th-6th at CWL Fort Worth ... that is legitimately impressive. Hopefully he still comes back when Infinite drops
  12. i've heard a lot of bad ideas in my life, but an OWL-style format for CoD might actually be the worst
  13. Reach on PC? Holy shit. I'm literally selling my XB1 now (stopped playing H5 a couple months ago...)
  14. I have no clue why I'm actually responding but I'll just slowly explain the point, as it seems you're not understanding --- if it was so easy to line up Killtastrophes on smurf accounts in H3 (there were plenty of terrible players at low-level MLG in 2007-2010, along with derankers), then don't you think we would have seen one by now, with literally millions of games played? Like you, I could also go through every Jaro in every H3 montage on Youtube and show how, ACKCHYUALLY, the players that were killed by the player in question were legit ranked 4 and 6 in the MLG playlist . . . plenty of MLG montage clips are against not-great players, but even the worst players in MLG are not completely terrible. This isn't like Kampy getting killionaires in multi-team; every opponent has a BR, damage is at 110%, players are actually trying to win, etc. Also the "Khaleesis Rack" (lol) player who was putting shots on Eli during the killtrocity actually almost killed him, that wasn't the worst decision ever (likely Eli was called out as being weak), though probably I would have flanked in that situation.
  15. the funniest part is that we literally already had this discussion. despite all the players on smurfs in the entire history of H3, from 2007-2010 to the MCC version, no one has gotten higher than a jaro in an MLG/hardcore playlist. there have been a number of close calls -- e.g., Fearitself was 0.5 seconds away from an MLG killionaire in 2009 on Amp TS, he had an overkill + trocity immediately after each other -- but no one in the history of H3 has managed this, so I'd say that it's impressive. despite all the montage kids, all the pros playing against 'bad 50s' in the old MLG playlist, all the smurfing, an MLG killtastrophe has never happened before Eli's clip.
  16. exactly, I feel like they came along literally three years too late lol . . . other than 2012, this is the worst time to be making Halo content
  17. speaking of Tony "Lethul" Campbell, I was wasting time on Halopedia just now and realized that next week he'll have gone four years without placing outside the top 2 at a Halo LAN event
  18. it is indeed weirdly frustrating to see esports trying to copy traditional sports. if I had to guess I would say it's the new money (traditional investors, traditional sports team owners) who have this idea of needing to emulate pro sports to achieve ROI and take esports 'to the next level', which is definitely what I would call 'old person logic'. OWL hasn't been a complete failure but the game was already very popular . . . I 100% guarantee that it hasn't blown up like Blizz wanted, and they might have had more success with the traditional esports route of grassroots LANs + sponsored LANs + online pro league + etc. it makes sense to have city-based franchises in traditional sports because they literally have giant stadiums that need to be located in a single city ... the advantage of esports is that all the players can fly to a LAN and be on an even playing field (home/away games are a bug of traditional sports, not a feature) the amount of people in any given city who will actually care that their terribly-named OWL or COD franchise team is 'based' in their city is incredibly small, while the number of fans of OpTic, FaZe, and nV who will be annoyed that they can't really support their team anymore is much larger
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