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  1. yeah, all I can figure is that Bonnie Ross is blackmailing the entire Microsoft executive team, I don't see any other explanation for how she still has a job. honestly a bummer insofar as I loved H5 (unlike the majority in this forum), was hoping for a combination of H5's fluidity with classic Halo. back to Destiny 2, I suppose . . .
  2. speaking as someone who actually really enjoyed H5 (played 2,000 hours) and is also a fan of the competitive settings for H1 through Reach . . . I finally managed to play Infinite and this game 'feels' terrible (on controller) and also plays horribly, as far as I can tell. honestly amazed at how bad my experience has been so far. people saying "it's just a flight" seem excessively optimistic to me, maybe they'll adjust how awkward it feels to play on controller but this game is not seriously changing in the next two months. hopefully i'm wrong, is the consensus here that the game is salvageable?
  3. cry more lol. you're writing as if everyone on this forum hasn't seen these arguments and complaints nonstop for the past 6-7 years -- trust me, we know. just go masturbate to H1 LAN footage or something
  4. cautiously optimistic, looks like basically H5 with better graphics? also I haven't logged in for a couple years, definitely hilarious to see the same few diehards complaining about sprint though. 343 could release a reskinned H1 and probably people would still be whining in this thread
  5. sounds like 343 is pouring a ton of money into this so we'll see ... can someone explain MLG's cringe rebranding to me lol (Esports Engine, really?), Google is not explaining it very well
  6. just played BTB, felt fine to me (switched between controller and M+KB to test out both). honestly my interest isn't as high as I thought, probably I'll go back to Destiny 2 until there's a serious custom games scene
  7. literally didn't know this event was happening until just now, oh well lol. I'm curious what the viewership peaked at for h1 / h3 / h5, does anyone know offhand?
  8. Twitter leaks say we'll have PC gameplay of Infinite at e3
  9. this is literally the longest I've gone without checking Halo news / watching Halo streams since 2009, pretty crazy. somewhat related ... Destiny 2 is in a good place right now (PvP feels like a weirdly fun version of Halo 3, at least when I'm using a pulse rifle). anyway I think things will pick back up after E3 (only a month away now), plus they'll likely start multiplayer flighting before the game's release so that should help as well ...
  10. I literally could not believe it, given that H3's movement is so much more restricted, but watching him play you can just tell that it's Shotzzy; he does these insane jumps on map architecture that you never see normally (outside of like trick-jumping montages from 2009)
  11. As always I'm happy to see the MCC team making these changes but it's just crazy to me that the game came out in 2015 and they're just getting into to these really basic things now? Like it didn't occur to them to fix the tick rate / 60hz / 60fps stuff back in 2013-14?
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