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  1. guys just stop responding, she'll go back to the Infinite thread. they've been having this argument since 2015 in the H5/Infinite threads
  2. wait so what happened to crowdfunding??? as I recall they had at least $5k donated
  3. seriously every time they're on Shele he's doing like a worldstar ninja or getting a triple or whatever
  4. for some reason I’m not feeling super hyped, I dunno. maybe I need to recalculate exactly how much of the hype from 2008-10 was/is just nostalgia at this point
  5. but remember guys, Shele is only good because of his internet connection
  6. normally I'm not the kind of guy to say that a player is clearly on Addy, but Faisal is clearly on Addy
  7. wait, I thought Fantasy couldn't make it? (Or Gab?) Looks like GMS is playing as the full roster
  8. As the biggest Mason fanboy on earth I have to say it's pretty amazing seeing him say hilarious shit on stage again
  9. viewership is pretty close to 2018 H5, not bad ... I'd hoped for a tiny bit more but we'll see

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