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  1. exactly, I feel like they came along literally three years too late lol . . . other than 2012, this is the worst time to be making Halo content
  2. speaking of Tony "Lethul" Campbell, I was wasting time on Halopedia just now and realized that next week he'll have gone four years without placing outside the top 2 at a Halo LAN event
  3. it is indeed weirdly frustrating to see esports trying to copy traditional sports. if I had to guess I would say it's the new money (traditional investors, traditional sports team owners) who have this idea of needing to emulate pro sports to achieve ROI and take esports 'to the next level', which is definitely what I would call 'old person logic'. OWL hasn't been a complete failure but the game was already very popular . . . I 100% guarantee that it hasn't blown up like Blizz wanted, and they might have had more success with the traditional esports route of grassroots LANs + sponsored LANs + online pro league + etc. it makes sense to have city-based franchises in traditional sports because they literally have giant stadiums that need to be located in a single city ... the advantage of esports is that all the players can fly to a LAN and be on an even playing field (home/away games are a bug of traditional sports, not a feature) the amount of people in any given city who will actually care that their terribly-named OWL or COD franchise team is 'based' in their city is incredibly small, while the number of fans of OpTic, FaZe, and nV who will be annoyed that they can't really support their team anymore is much larger
  4. it's literally my favorite channel on YT also guys holy shit, I realize some people are just checking into the thread every once in a while, but just stop engaging the troll in conversation, if you really want to learn her views just go through the H5/Infinite threads, she's been making the same handful of points for years
  5. I mean ... for sure it's a good thing, I just hope it wasn't taking resources away from Infinite
  6. I'm amazed that H2 is streamed so little on MCC. The Twitch page for MCC is 80% Halo 3, 19% Halo 1, and literally 1% Halo 2.
  7. CoD is on PC but events are played on console ... given MS’s obvious desire to sell XB1s, I don’t see how events are possibly not played on console, but who knows
  8. announcement in Austin may be MCC on PC then? they may try MCC PC tourneys now as a test for Infinite
  9. all of the smurfs in all of H3 MLG (2008-2010) and no one ever got anything higher than a jaro ... even the bad players in hardcore playlists are pretty good

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