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  1. Good Afternoon, My name is Anthony McCorvey, i have been a part of the competitive Halo Scene since the release of Halo 3 in 2007. I am currently fully sponsoring a team of 3 individuals who have been around the competitive Halo scene for quite some time. We are currently looking for a Free Agent to practice and attend the upcoming Halo Championship Series Events (Excluding HCS Season 2 Finals) for the upcoming Halo 5 game. What we are looking for We are looking for someone who is dedicated and is willing to put many hours into this new game. A person who is Mature and knows the fundamentals of playing a Competitive FPS (Callouts, Map positioning, Shooting fundamentals) someone willing to travel to events, and willing to invest into a team when possibly required. Serious Inquiries only, Contact myself (GT: PLaZmaTiX) on XBL for any sponsor affiliated questions or any questions concerning what we are looking for. Our team of 3 Practice Schedule (M-S 8PM-7AM EST) Team Gamertags: (a Crabtree) (RioT Almightyy) (itz pathofsoul) Thank you for your time.

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