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  1. The quality of the CE stream is so much better than the main stream. The main stream needs to ajust the gameplay feed on some of stations. They are dark af.
  2. I would like to see crowd funding for the H3 events. That will create a real grassroots movement.
  3. 3 cod games have been released during Halo 5 and we still have no clue on when Infinite is coming. Slow is an understatement.
  4. An announcement on the future of the HCS that basically says "we got nothing. You better watch the 1 match of Halo 3 that will be streamed if you want something". Only 343.
  5. Halo 5 is the only game where you can win 4 out of 5 games and end up a lower rank than when you started.
  6. I agree. I feel like I watching a matchmaking game when I watch Splyce play. Halo 5 allows a team to play like that and win which is even more frustrating to watch. Add to the fact they clout about not practicing It really makes the game look cheap. Syplce abuse the mechanics to snowball the game as much as possible by flying in on spawns not allowing a team to get any kind of setup plain and simple. You will never see Splyce kill off a team then sit back on a map setup waiting for the team to spawn up. They have some of the best starting strats in the HCS. They get full control of the map almost every single game out of the gate. They do have issue coordinating the team push when they lose control. Most times they only gain control back when one of the players pull off a ridiculous play to open up the map. Which happens quite often. Most of their flag caps is a single player's uncoordinated desperate throw bodies on it attempt to lob it across the map. Its cheap but it works in H5.
  7. I miss watching Halo all day during events. I cant believe they ended the stream with games going on. We don't need casters. Just stream it. Why are the game stations so far apart? How do you watch your teammates screen? Why no player cams?
  8. Dose Splyce still not practice as a team? If so they should start.
  9. I have a feeling the next Halo with be very different from the traditional Campain and Multiplayer game.
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