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  1. Interesting.. Is there any way to prevent this? What if I used the x,y,z position dropdown menu to place every object.. will that work? Would that snap it to one of their coords?
  2. I just dont get why the pieces change positions when you load up the map in a custom game. what causes that? its the only reason i dont forge
  3. thanks @@Chong I’ll probably end up going with that benQ. hurricane Maria blew mine away along with half the roof lol
  4. What’s the best monitor to sweat in Halo? don’t really care much about resolutions higher than 1080p. I need that good response time.
  5. Decent sarcasm . . . . Your sarcasm :-) @@Apoll0
  6. did you even see the clip? its obviously a video showing it off.. I think I know how its done now, ima try it
  7. How? spartan charge ignoring laws of Halo.. is this new? http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/I%20am%2010%20horses/video/35463467
  8. Tell that yoyo kid to join my raid map.. If he gets through, we give him the secret krabby patty formula
  9. wait.. hold the memes.. youre telling me its not Halos fault this time?
  10. so it took over a fucking gigabyte just to patch out the rapid fire and sticky glitch... also, is having an hcs playlist list that has FFA 4v4 and 2v2 a good idea? I feel like people who grind hcs shouldnt have to adapt back and forth to different radars and weapons/maps just to play 2s or ffa. and as long as HCS stays alive i think the playlists wont drop dead.. even if that means a population of 50.
  11. um.. im pretty sure he thought I was talking about torque.....
  12. I didnt know overgrowth was symmetrical what a pointless response lol, but I get that you get my point.
  13. listen to me.. that map never happened and never existed.. what are we talking about again?
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