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  1. That happens all the time with all sorts of products though. Why do we give the game industry so much more crap? If your not happy with your purchase then don't buy the next one. That's your power as the consumer. I think what it is, is I bought this game and I couldn't wait to play and I was super bummed it was broken and still is. But I guess having such a busy life outside of gaming I have noticed the full extent of what you all have gone through. Is it acceptable to buy a broken product? No not at all. Does it happen? Yep all the time. But because they did this they lost a ton of fans and will have to fight for the fans back. I choose to just wait it out. Thats my choice, call me whatever you want, I really don't care. By tomorrow I will be busy and forget about this whole conversation. And then next thing you know the game will be fixed and I will be playing it. Have a good day.
  2. I know it's hard to get sarcasm over text. I want to play halo also. But I'm saying is complaining accomplishing anything? You were gonna buy a console anyway for any new game thats going to come out in the future. So what is the problem that you bought it now? Not saying suck it up and go away Im saying suck it up and stop complaining its getting old. They know they messed up with the release and trust me they lost a lot of fans for future games why do we need to whine online about it. Suck it up and just wait it out. Honestly I have been playing the beta since it came out and I haven't touched the MCC multiplayer until last night.
  3. How many other games have you bought and they sucked even when they were fully complete? What did you do? Go trade it in if you don't want it.
  4. Sucks you had those problems. My game worked fine through the campaign and it looked awesome. Like I said, I'm frustrated about the Multiplayer not working 100% yet also but I'm not going to rant online about it.
  5. Lol is this how you handle everything in your life? If you don't get things when you want them you complain online? As long as you feel better about yourself in the end.
  6. People live and die by these games it's pathetic. Gaming should be a hobby not your life.
  7. How many people preorder a game in full months ahead of time? I love listening people say they wasted their money, I have had plenty of fun on this game even though it has been broken. All 4 campaigns, remastered halo 2, halo 5 beta, that alone is worth the 2 months its been out.
  8. Interesting how you guys are hating the game even though the campaign remastered was awesome. I'm not embarrassed at all to defend them. They have made 5+ products and have created something great they mess up one time and everyone hates their guts. Seems fair? I am very frustrated with the game and it not working but I'm not going to stop being a fan and talk crap on it. I love listening to people raging, suck it up. If you don't like them go play COD.
  9. Honestly the game was broken and still is. They are going to fix it eventually. Is it ok for them to release such a broken game? No. But I am still a fan of the game and franchise. As a game designer myself deadlines need to be hit and set backs happen. I don't think a lot of the people complaining even know how much goes on to make a game. Have some patience. There is more to life than playing a game. Go outside for awhile.. Yes I play the game a lot, the Halo 5 beta is awesome and the servers are working. I played some awesome matches so far. I can't wait to play the full game! Add me if you want and Ill chat more with you. GT: LUIGI55
  10. GT: Luigi55 Halo 2 Ann. Add me if you talk. Im tired of playing with people without a mic!
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