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  1. I was guessing that they were going to add the Rig and Fathom remix's to HCS and that's why they were delaying the info. There's still time to do that but i'm not so sure now.
  2. Damn was really hoping the new sprint would have something about HCS in it.
  3. New sprint episodes and weekly update come out today I think. Hopefully one of them is about HCS.
  4. Funny thing is that my internet isn't even that good and i've played maybe one laggy match since the game launched.
  5. Damn Formal going back to halo would of been so hype. Hopefully you guys can reveal your new squad soon.
  6. From frankie on GAF about the BTB maps So it looks like there will be some BTB maps made from the ground up.
  7. Walshy spittin some REQ pack knowledge on his stream right now
  8. I thought they were going to be talking about upcoming maps in the update, didn't josh say something like that recently?
  9. Will every base map in Halo 5 get a remix eventually? We already know The Rig and Fathom are getting remixes so i'm guessing Coliseum and Plaza will get them too. Also I want a lockout remake pls.
  10. There's no real need for a veto at least not in team arena.
  11. I'm hoping they make a map inspired by lockout/guardian for oddball.
  12. I've played like over 20 games and there's pretty much no lag for me.
  13. I still haven't got the patch and now my download says its 0gb in size. Awesome.
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