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  1. http://imgur.com/a/suXjW H5 forge is really amazing.
  2. I didn't check but was the Qualifier stream advertised in the Halo 5 announcement thing at the menu?
  3. People already making some interesting maps in forge
  4. Did @@Sal1ent ever get back to us on the settings for H1/H2 aiming?
  5. Man I can't wait to see forge versions of Lockout, Pit, Battle Creek, Construct, Narrows, etc.
  6. Hopefully someone finds out the setting for H1 aiming real quick.
  7. Tashi on GAF: "Brav's Community Update tomorrow will provide some more details on what you can expect with this update."
  8. Halo news at The Game Awards tonight. Probably trailer for December update. Oh wait I forgot it can be info about Halo Wars 2, god I hope not.
  9. You can't buff the pistol AND nerf the AR. You gotta pick one, if you do both the AR will become nearly useless.
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