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  1. So I started playing some H5 again after not playing for like 6 months and I forgot how weird the aiming feels. Played some MCC first and the aiming in 1/2/3 feel great. Then when I played 5 my accuracy went to shit. I see they've put in a bunch of new sensitivity options in since I left, are there any changes I can make to make it feel better?
  2. Are there any highlights up somewhere? I didn't get to watch this weekend because I was watching Final Round.
  3. Wait so we have to make Oddball instead of it being an official gametype?
  4. Did a quick glimpse of the update and I didn't see oddball. 343 pls
  5. Is the LCQ the same ruleset as the other qualifiers? If it's best of 3 single elimination again Optic is fucked.
  6. Didn't see the stats that much but it seemed like Commonly did really well.
  7. If T2 actually grinded from the start of H5 he'd probably be on a top team right now.
  8. I think Envy's success is entirely dependent on Mikwen changing his name permanently to stealthysteak.
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