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  1. I just wanted to point out some constructive criticism. I'm sorry that I told it the wrong way.
  2. I appreciate your work TheNewFNShow but taking the Proportions of H3 to serious causes some aesthetic and framerate issues so I decided to do a remake by myself and altered it to work with the current HCS official settings. I know there already has been released a remake of the map by "T Madone". In my opinion his version is not compatible to competitive HCS settings because he left out the fact, that H3 proportions don't fit so well to H2A. The Pit is the only one of the original competitive maps that can be redone in forge clean and adapt to the gameplay at the same time. Salot had already proven it in Reach and I want to continue to expand the lifetime of this map. Map Description: This map combines the most important Aspects of a competetive map Remake. My intension to forge it is to hopefully get it into the HCS playlist because it's my all time favourite. Considering that I took several days to analyse H3 The Pit, HR The Pit (by Salot) and H4 Pitfall this is the best possible result I could adjust to the gameplay of H2A. Every important jump, adjusted angles and proportions are in it. Since there where even some framerate issues with the HR version of Salot it was a real challenge for me to use as less pieces as possible and support aesthetic aspects equally. The spawnsystem is the one of H3 MLG with the same powerweaponplacement except for the sword which is also placed in the swordroom. To my mind the barricades fit perfectly to the design of the original Pit version. I added them to S2 and Training so there is also a Dynamic element to it because they are destructable. Destroying the enemy barrycades destroys cover for their sniper and reduces jump options e.g. to Banana. The map is already playtested multiple times and I didn't figure out any further issues regarding getting out of map, gametypes, weaponplacement and framerate issues. Otherwise it provides tons of fun playing it and revives great competetive memories. I hope you enjoy it too and don't hesitate to contact me if there are any issues. Gametypes: - Slayer - CTF - KotH DOWNLOAD GT: uM JD
  3. I'm not trying to highjack any thread. I just registered on this page and have no idea how to create an own thread. I now know it and take my post out of here. Thanks for the help
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