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  1. Gt: Snibachi Age: 26 Timezone: Eastern U.S. Availability: Weekdays 5pm-2am; Weekends All day/night I have past online tournament experience with Halo 3, Reach, & 4. I communicate well. (callouts, spawn times, etc.) Strong at OBJ gametypes. I'm modest and typically easy to get along with. Currently Diamond in Arena and Slayer (solo) Onyx in FFA. K/D is typically strong. (If those stats are of concern) I'm looking for a team and/or players who intend to play consistently and compete in the HWC, HCS, and any available events. I'm looking for a regular practice schedule with committed teammates. I'm also looking for players who can keep their egos in check. Have walked away from far too many halo "stars". Looking to keep it real. If interested, please message on Live. Thanks
  2. GT: Snibachi Huntington, WV Not an OH native, but I'm seeing a girl from OH. Is that close enough for you guys? haha In all seriousness though, I'm 26 and looking to join or form a team. I have online tournament experience. I communicate well, have a decent shot, strong at OBJ games, easy to get along with, and I'm modest. I keep the BS to a minimum. Came here looking for a closer group as my past teammates have been cross country; making scheduling difficult and potential event travel impractical. Feel free to add me if you'd be interested. I'm usually online 6pm-12am weekdays and various times on weekends. Thanks
  3. Anyone in the Charleston or Huntington areas? If so, feel free to add me. Looking to play in upcoming online events and LANs if possible. GT: Snibachi And anyone else in WV, feel free to add me as well.

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