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  1. Sorry to hear about what happened. If your looking to design halo maps you could check out the guys at Installation 01, they could probably use the help. @@MultiLockOn
  2. I agree with pretty much all these points. I haven't ranked in any other playlist besides Arena in months, there is no reason when arena only matters and the other playlists you just get matched up in are against high champions. Also I agree the reward system for the ranks is absurd. Haven't seen a single player with a Arena emblem, even if they did I didn't notice. Imagine if players got a gold pack for every tier they went up in or something, or a special HCS armor for getting into onyx. No reason for newbies to play ranked if they can just go over to social and get the same rewards in terms of armor, experience, and req points.
  3. Got to say these settings are looking real good. Splinter grenades being removed/reduced is something I have been waiting for awhile now. Radar at least should be tested in the test playlists, at least let the people play on it.
  4. I have no idea if this is possible but make a quick tournament playlist. Basically you search with a party of 4 for a particular date, and the game auto creates a bracket and matches, then face the team you need to beat, and updates accordingly. Probably be for XP, req packs, emblems, etc. Also have a place where people can spectate matches and stuff, be stupid simple and allow the casual players to quickly play in competitive matches with their team. Also daily/ weekly challenges would be nice.
  5. Have to say Halo 4, nothing worse then no weapons on map and infinity drops. Being able to grab a damage boost and sniper was just stupid. Also there was like no playlists available to play, Halo Reach still had team snipers and BTB, as long as team snipers is in the game then I'm fine.
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  7. GamerTag: GrizzlyCougar Both customs and matchmaking Region: North America, Washington State
  8. Anyone think it is pretty easy to get gold packs, played 5 hours yesterday and was able to buy 3 gold packs just from req points.
  9. Hey is that pro footage suppose to be out today, didn't Josh say it was this week?
  10. Lol Naded just 100-0 some kids in matchmaking
  11. Your probably right, haven't used Halo 3 theater in awhile so can't remember it ever not working for me. But what I liked about the file share system in Halo 3 was they had the Bungie favorites, so you could easily find fun and cool clips and game modes.
  12. What do you mean? Halo 3 supported multiple people in theater and had a better file share system as well. But I guess the file share system is not really a part of theater, but enhances it. Other than that they were basically the same.
  13. Fuck, that was the one thing I was hoping for in theater, the one fucking thing. Now it will be back to staging every single angle. For real though, why is it that the theater mode from halo 3 in 2007 is the best theater mode we ever got?
  14. Agree, I guess 343 wanted to get all the kids and casuals from other streams maybe, but I don't know how anyone can watch these streams for more than like 10 mins.
  15. It is literally the most frustrating thing to watch, saw a guy pass over the sniper twice when it was right in front of him.
  16. Pretty awesome, now I have to find a team to play with. Finding a good team is always the worst.
  17. Well that kinda sucks, be cool if you could join at least three.
  18. Fuck just tried to joined, why is the cap at 100 members, fells a little small, but shit this is awesome! Why did wait to so long to announce it?
  19. Preview members already have it. I find it at times when you first start up it lags and can be frozen, but after a minute it's all good. It literally takes less than a second to see your friends list while in game, it is much better than the previous OS.
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