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  1. @FrankieFourShot Did we just run into you in matchmaking tonight? Ffourshot with the #4 as your service tag? Miss you old friend <3 Spent way to long trying to figure out how to contact you...then I thought you might be here...
  2. And no professional organization should work with him again in the future.
  3. Checking in with the HCS for the first time in months and seeing half the rosters at NOLA. Refreshing. Seriously refreshing. How was the tournament today? Only got to tune into a game or two, but I saw Sanc?
  4. Been gone since around October, and about as much as I read on twitter from Moses/HCS accounts.
  5. I miss you guys<3 How's Halo? Whats been going on? Any noteworthy tl;drs?
  6. Incredibly happy for Halo and the return of MLG This might get washed up with the rightfully deserved happy meme spam, but I wanted to ask a question. I've been out of the Halo scene for quite some time now. My extent really is just lurking here and on Twitter. I've not posted, played, nada. Last I recall, a few weeks ago there was a shit storm regarding the current settings and weapons. How will people and you guys feel about Halo Esports and its growth if we're stuck playing a poor game ran by a fantastic Tournament Organizer. Do we know if 343 is budging to allow MLG to come in and fine tune and tweak (assuming MLG even wants that responsibility now), or is this explicitly a Tournament Organizer responsibility?
  7. Not sure if serious, but there are 5 pages of openings. I counted 29.
  8. That's neither a confirmation or denial. You heard it here first, folks.
  9. I dont know you, but god damnit do I respect you. Dont give up on the industry. Its where you belong. You'll find a new home. I have friends at a handful of AAA studios, if you need connections, hit my DM's. I cant vouch for you, but I can make the introduction and let your work speak for itself. Good luck my guy.
  10. Out of curiosity... Why do they include the flags for the teams on the leaderboard considering that the North American Pro League has never once had a team outside of the United States. I'm not actually complaining, nor do I care...just thought it was odd.
  11. I dont know, but I was playing a squads game a few weeks ago, and a bullet slammed into a wall INCHES from my head. I peeked and domed the sniper shooting at me and "Royal2" popped up on my screen. I pinged him on twitter to see if it was the one and only...
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