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  1. GT: Ahfinity is God Running FFAs right now add my gt send me a message
  2. On right now to run till midnight, at this point I'll play with anyone with a to3.
  3. I have been playing competitive halo since 06 had some high placings back in the day. Looking for a team that can grind all the time and is committed to getting better. I feel like I can compete for top 8 and I expect the same for the t03 ill be running with. Hit me up GT: Ahfinity is God Twitter: @JordanisFamous or on here! I can run at anytime but would prefer if the team is on now hit me up.
  4. My team 322 eSports is looking for 2 to compete in the 2015 season unless we are good enough to go to St Louis we will go. We can only play late at night for now since my guy works till around 12 Central every night so if your west coast that works out or Central. Other then that he is off one day a week and also sometimes gets off around 5. We both LAN together everytime we play. Add Ahfinity is God or Matt Strong to run games with us. Or post in this thread
  5. Okay to start off I have been playing competitivly since 2006 when I was around 14 or 15. Decided to come back for H2A and compete. I am a multi game MLG Semi Pro nothing to brag about. Just shows I have done it before and I will do it again, all of the pros look washed up and I want to light the main stage up with mauh skill. I want to go to the 2 Lan tournaments that are coming up for H2A so if you can't go don't hit me up. LAN Achievements: H2: MLG Chicago Top 64 '06 (Worst placing ever), MLG Chicago Top 32 '07, EGL Chicago 8th Place '07 RB6V2: MLG San Diego 9th Place '08 (Had the run of my life should of beat the #1 team on Main Stage). CoD Black Ops 2: 2nd Place Local Lan eBash MLG Sponsorship Tournament '13 Online Achievements: RB6V2: MLG PCL #1 3rd Place '08, MLG PCL #2 4th Place '08 Many more just irrelevent to H2A. I perfer playing with a to3 over anyone else, I want to make a impact in this game so please don't hit me up if your team isn't serious. Hit me up on xbox Ahfinity is God or hit me up on here.
  6. I live in Yorkville,Illinois GT: Ahfinity is God Looking for a team please don't waste my time, I have all the time and money to be the best player in this game. Achievements: H2: Top 32 x2 MLG Chicago (06,07), RB6V2: 13th Place MLG San Diego (08) 3rd Place Online PCL.
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