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  1. One of the absolute most ridiculous videos I've ever seen. Yikes. They need to be making a livable wage from an organization, agreed, if they are going to try and make it a "job." 99% of Halo professional players don't do much outside of competing in tournaments to make it a sustainable profession though. It's strange too because, especially with H5 the community complained about no streams and then didn't support them when they were streamed. Because the game absolutely sucked. Streams are seeing more love now though.
  2. This post cracked me up for some reason. Well done. I've seen that graph a few different times and it amuses me and disgusts at the same time. How do you make a game SO bad, so wildly apart from what the fanbase has enjoyed for a decade that you lose 50% of one of the most dedicated and flourishing (at the time) communities/playerbases within a week? I think I was similar to you in that I tapped out even faster. That game was raw, unadulterated, ASS.
  3. I suppose they could be, but that's a bit of a reach in my opinion because they're still on extraordinarily thin ice (in my humble opinion) for competitive gaming. They have one game that is really competitive that isn't "owned" by another TO (GoW is "owned" by MLG, although if M$ bought a TO then of course that would likely change), and currently, while the H3 situation is going on it looks extremely optimistic, Halo 5 was beyond lackluster despite the amount of money that propped that disgraceful excuse for a game/scene up. It was a brand new game that had major organizations leaving the scene completely after a year and a half, 2 years. People who complain about the game getting old and needing a new game etc., I don't agree with. Most of the major esports don't have new games, they just actually update the game frequently enough where it doesn't get stale and people actually like to play it. Anyway, not the point of the response, but I don't really see this being too likely of a scenario, unless Halo 3/Infinite truly explodes and the community/viewership is truly there. While I'm fired up we're going back to Classic-style Halo, I'm curious to see what it will be like in a full year, when Infinite should have some kind of beta or announcement at least about when it'll be out etc. Ain't it the truth. Just really weak recreations of Midship in my opinion. They were great to add some diversity to the map pool of MLG, but like you said the Foundry aesthetic was ugly as sin, as was the gray hellhole of Reach. I wasn't too big of a fan of the art design of the Halo 3 maps. They just seemed like they had nothing "special" about them, whereas the Halo 2 maps, and even Halo 1 maps have different looks to them that were played competitively. If you look at something like Pit, Construct, Narrows, and even a lot of Guardian, they all are reminiscent of one another in an art-style. I'm not art-style expert on video games, so take that with a grain of salt, but I'd like the maps to look at least a bit differently? EDIT: Super excited for the event AND that it has a crowdfunding. I love what they're doing and hopefully this is really successful and hammers home the point we've been trying to make for what feels like a decade now. Oh wait, it is about a decade...
  4. He's always been pretty vocally supportive of the H2/H3 ranking system and games in general. Seems to be in the mind like most of us here that after that the series puked all over itself and hasn't had a good game from the start since. My own 2 cents, I think both of those systems were great, and I also liked BO2's system (removing modders,booters, standbyers, and all cheaters really from all three systems). I think they've all got their merit and for the life of me I can't figure out why those two series have veered so far away from them. Halo 5's ranking system was horseshit from the beginning in my eyes and broken as hell to boot.
  5. I personally think strongholds sucks. Reminds me too much of domination from CoD which I think is a shit competitive gametype. I do like that you have to control 2/3 of the holds to actually score, but in my own opinion, albeit not as closely following H5 as much as previous Halos, I'd love to have KotH back. Think it promotes more of a teamwork type atmosphere and setup-based gameplay than strongholds, which is great in my opinion, but some people like that strongholds promotes a constant rotational setup-type of deal. Hilarious and I love it. It seems to work for CoD when they do it, but they have varying guns and challenges to get each skin etc. before you even consider the store bought ones
  6. I can honestly say I hadn't heard the teamshot argument before. I feel like it would certainly be that way in Halo, but I'm not sold on that in CoD just yet. Maybe I haven't paid as good attention, but CoD seems to be more of a 1v1 game or trading type of game than say Crim and Scump teamshotting an enemy across the map. And thinking of your argument that it makes individuals less powerful to affect the outcome, I'd normally point to CSGO where one guy can completely carry the entire team, but that might just be the gametype. If JKap is absolutely lasering one game it might not be enough to win them a CTF game say. I see your point there, but I think I'd have to see some more gameplay from pro players and in a competitive setting before I disregard it completely. I'm curious. I wouldn't say I support or denounce it at this point, just curious to see how it plays in that game. I don't think it would ever really work in Halo, but again, I'd love to see it before I made a call on it one way or the other.
  7. Wouldn't be a big deal if the game wasn't awful. CSGO is basically the same game from release in 2012. There have been weapon tweaks, buffs, nerfs, etc., but still the same base game.
  8. That 6 million is a little less than double last year's pool. I think that's pretty solid just for adding one more player to each roster, however, I think they could probably still bump it up another million to make it an even 2x from last year's prize pool. I've seen arguments both ways in relevance to CoD. What's your reasoning? Genuinely curious. I understand that this leaves Halo as the odd man out as far as 4v4 goes, but as @@Sandman stated, we need a good game first, and the rest can come after. I saw an article that says someone from M$ stated that they are designing Infinite with esports in mind. I hope they learned a hell of a lot from the pile of bullshit that made up Halo 5 and produce a game that is fun and competitive at the same time.
  9. I know a bunch of bigger organizations are in RB6 as well like Na'Vi and C9 just to name a couple off the top of my head. I am pretty sure Hecz has stated he's thought about/looked to expand into Siege, but the right team/opportunity hadn't come up yet.
  10. None of the games besides Halo 5 have an active weapon timer right? I know Halo 2 and onwards shows the gametime clock, which viewers can then themselves infer weapon and power up times from whereas in H1 the clock is hidden. I just wanted to make sure of that distinction since it seems kind of a moot point. I think the other reason would probably be for popularity's sake they're doing Halo 3. Halo 1 would provide undoubtedly the most skilled play, but you wouldn't have near the draw that Halo 3 will. I do agree with Wonderboy in that Halo 3 is more viewer friendly because there is just more there because games advanced in the years between games. H1 will always be the highest skill ceiling and people who can appreciate that will always appreciate and clamor for that gameplay, but Halo is in such a hellhole of a spot viewership and popularity -wise that Halo 3 is the smarter choice. I hope the tournament goes well, but I also hope that MCC is at the least semi-fixed because Halo 5 will reach all time low viewership next season. People are burnt out on the game playing it (as has been the case pretty much since launch it's declined in playerbase) and it is just brutal to watch (in my eyes).
  11. I believe the CWL requires you to have an organization representing you if you are making it to Champs. I don't know that for a fact, maybe @@Clap can chime in here. Plus, they just had their LCQ this week so they could fill out the entire Champs bracket. EDIT: It's tough to even compare Halo's situation to anything like CoD. Despite what people say, the CoD esports scene is most certainly alive and does pretty well as a Tier 2 esport. Halo is like tier 7 and I have no idea how any organization can financially justify being a part of it unless they are dominating the scene like OG was or like Splyce currently (sort of) is. Part of the other issue is the teams break up within a week of losing/not placing 1st at an event. Meanwhile, there is definitely turnover in CoD and Gears, but from my knowledge (which, granted isn't the most extensive) teams tend to stick together a bit longer. Halo's infrastructure, the game itself, the viewership, it's just a perfect storm of "don't get involved" right now, at least to me.
  12. Completely agree with you in that I tried Fortnite a bit, and just couldn't even be bothered to want to play it anymore. Only thing I take issue with in your post is it's not an FPS it's a TPS. Either way though, I only play/played Fortnite because it's one of the few games a few of my friends play. I can't stomach it otherwise. I just like to have a fun time gaming with my buddies a lot of the time. You know, Doc does a lot in his character of ripping games apart and shitting on them, but honestly, the more I see what is out there, the more I agree with him when he says the industry is in a shit place as far as shooters go. There isn't a ton of innovation and there isn't a lot of good games out there. I know we have talked it to death around here, but what happened to games coming out and being playable right out of the box? What's the deal with the new norm of pushing an unfinished (even a mostly unfinished) game to the masses and then pretending to be the hero and update it weekly just to remove game-breaking bugs? Looking at Halo 5 here of course, Call of Duty does this, PUBG of course, and Fortnite does it as well. While Fortnite is a stretch, they purposely change the meta of the game with every new patch and it blows my mind? Are people who game now clamoring for constant change? It doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
  13. Seconded. Game is fucking complete ass in my opinion. Absolute gimmick. If it wasn't free, it wouldn't be doing as well as it is (in my uneducated opinion).
  14. H1 is one of the very few campaigns I have actually replayed in my gaming life. It helps that the books that were written from the game and subsequent games are for the most part really good as well and makes you want to go back and play the single player as well. Nothing will touch H1 and H2 for me unless it's something really special, in terms of multiplayer AND single player in a single game. EDIT: Goldeneye is up there as well. I loved that story and the 4 person split screen was always a blast....right up until Halo came along.

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