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  1. Still looking! If you want to run games tonight reply here with your gt or message LuNXTiC on xbl
  2. Message me or reply to this thread to run games, still trying to put a team together for future lan and online tournaments
  3. Still looking for a team but time is running short so ALL free agents available for Sunday contact me through XBL at LuNxTiC. I will set up a custom lobby at 5:30 pm eastern and run games of random teams and let's see if we don't come out of it with some team possibilities for sunday?
  4. Hello all! Firstly my name is LuNaTiC (better known as LuNxTiC on XBL) and I'm looking for a team for future qualifiers and events of all kind. I've been into competitive halo since H2 but didn't begin to play more seriously till '08. I have gone to live lans as well as competed on GB, and had a 50 in MLG in H3. I played a bit in reach but didn't even attempt H4, however I am looking to compete from here on out. Looking for a team of patient teammates who take every loss as an opportunity to learn, and never is complacent with wins. Not to say I don't want a team with a sense of humor when need be. I have A40s and a mixamp as well. Hit me up on XBL at LuNxTiC or twitter as LUNATLC, as well as on here through a reply. I AM looking to compete in the next qualifier so please respond before midnight on Saturday! -LuNaTiC

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