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  1. They have been MIA for the most part PR wise.  I have seen Bravo responding the most out of anybody. They have provided updates every few days or so recently.

    Its absurd. I wonder if they know that there has never ever been a release to a video game that has had so many bugs and glitches to start. The Halo fan base is so loyal to this game. I am not sure if they realize that or if they are just taking advantage of knowing this. Either way, we are three weeks into the game and there is so much more stuff that has to be patched up.

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  2. How in the first patch that came out they don't solve the issue with a match being 5v5. If 343 knew anything about Halo, they would know that those 2 extra people on the map make a huge difference in the game. I gave it a pass at first but now we are 2 patches in. This game is so fun to play when you are ACTUALLY PLAYING. Once you get out of the lobby and try to maneuver around to join a party or to get in a party chat or to send a message, it is a hassle to do so. I remember having some of the best times of my life playing Halo. 343, do me a favor and don't ruin this experience more than you already have.

  3. I can't remember the last time Melo was the best player on a contender



    Like never actually.


    The 2012 Knicks were 1 game away from the ECF with Melo as there best player.

  4. He came here to collect money and sell his brand in New York

    A lot of people come to New York for business purposes. If that is an option, why not go after all the money you can? On another note, I would worry bout the state of mind of that team in LA.

  5. You can easily win a championship with Melo as your star at 31-32. I don't know if we will get Marc Gasol but I wouldn't put it past happening. Pau Gasol has told his brother about Phil Jackson and what he is about. If not, Aldridge is available and many others. Knicks will be right there in 2 years with Melo. Phil didn't come here to fail. It will take time but he came here to win a championship and to be the GUY to turn this franchise around.

  6. LOL fuck that guy.


    Look at what him and Phil jackson are doing! phil jackson is the savior! 4-12! unfinished business!

    There setting a new foundation. This is going to be another 1-2 years before the Knicks can compete for a title. 

  7. We played quite a few games last night. Wasn't working very well right after the patch but got better. We even had all 3 of us on the same team about 95% of the games. It's progress but has a long long way to go.


    That shouldn't even be in play. This game should've been made right from the start. They fooled us all. What is sad is that Halo is the greatest video game franchise ever. Its fan base is so damn loyal to the game. But if this shit continues, I might call it a quits for good.

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