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  1. I never ever seen a release of a game be so bugged in my life.
  2. I tell you Brav has been doing a hell of a job communicating via twitter to everyone about what is going on. My questions rely on what 343 is doing at this very moment.
  3. Not sure if this game will ever be fixed. It is way too flawed and I am guessing after they released this patch and seen that there are still many, many issues, I believe they now know they realllyyyyyyyyyyyy messed up.
  4. How is it possible that this game is made so god damn poorly?
  5. I have been getting games at a decent clip but most of the time they are not 4v4s. Whenever I happen to get even teams, my teammates quit or they are elites. This ishhhhh is crazy man.
  6. I tell you what. It is certainly very nice to see a lot of old halo pros coming back out for MCC. That tells you something about this game and its potential. My buddy Demiize was playing with Lil Poison, STK Tupac and Zyos a couple of days ago. #WeBackOrNah
  7. Even though this game is half broken at this moment, we all know the platform of the game is great. You get the feeling of the good ol' halo days playing MCC. Listen, they messed up. 343 is not running away from there mistake. They are owning up to it and actively keeping us up to date as to what they will fix while working around the clock. Stay patient my friends.
  8. Queens, Ny Just getting back into the groove. Haven't played since the start of halo 3. I am very happy to be back and excited for the future. gamertag : babyangizsick
  9. GT : babyangizsick Prefer MLG but I just want to have fun playing Halo again. Happy to be back playing the best game in the history of xbox.
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