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  1. Its absurd. I wonder if they know that there has never ever been a release to a video game that has had so many bugs and glitches to start. The Halo fan base is so loyal to this game. I am not sure if they realize that or if they are just taking advantage of knowing this. Either way, we are three weeks into the game and there is so much more stuff that has to be patched up.
  2. babyangizsick

    NBA Thread

    Knicks tanking for the top spot with 76ers lol
  3. Is there anyone from 343 who is actually active on these forums letting us know what the hell is going on in there offices? At this point, I am looking for a live stream 24/7 of 343. I got to see wtf is going on over there.
  4. How in the first patch that came out they don't solve the issue with a match being 5v5. If 343 knew anything about Halo, they would know that those 2 extra people on the map make a huge difference in the game. I gave it a pass at first but now we are 2 patches in. This game is so fun to play when you are ACTUALLY PLAYING. Once you get out of the lobby and try to maneuver around to join a party or to get in a party chat or to send a message, it is a hassle to do so. I remember having some of the best times of my life playing Halo. 343, do me a favor and don't ruin this experience more than you already have.
  5. babyangizsick

    NBA Thread

    Knicks vs OKC. Westbrook is back and Melo is still out. Lets see what we can do tonight.
  6. I get into a matchmaking game and get transferred into a random custom match with someone who I never played with in my life. This shit is ridiculous. We are coming on a month of this release and this shit is still broken.
  7. Every single game when I am with a party of 2 or more, we have to back out after every single game to stay together.
  8. babyangizsick

    NBA Thread

    Bruhhhhh. Whatever you say I guess. Your a lot more relevant than me on here. You have been posting on halo forums for like 7-8 years.
  9. babyangizsick

    NBA Thread

    Are you dumb bro? 2012-2013 Knicks lost 4-2 to the Pacers.
  10. How do we show this statistic to the retarts like Dersky and Ghostayame who are ex halo pros and are now making Halo 5?
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