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  1. We have honestly always sucked
  2. I hate FFA. This is just for g
  3. Guys I don't check these forums often but I was messing around on a scrub account and noticed a spot im sure people know about but let me know if you think this works? Imagine you know the timing on OS so you spawn 12 seconds before its about to come up and you spawn red bend so you push for os but you don't want anyone coming out of blue to catch you slipping, sitting on its spawn point, so that way they don't nade and rip you and A either steal your OS or B, just kill you and burn it ...so I figure for like 6-9 seconds you can hang out in these spots, try it in customs and see what you think but I think it could work situationally if the os continues to spawn outside where on empire. heres the link to the vid... xboxdvr.com/Making+Cakes/1814e698-0823-469f-ac85-5d5a839009a8 check it out and let me know what you thinnk
  4. Like I said I haven't been on here in forever and I'd assumed people did it and obviously knew about it just not sure how many cause I don't see it often. Whether its high caliber players or we even mid and low tier while playing on scrub accounts or with IRL friends
  5. yeah man I'm glad someone posted this haha I think it is an extremely valuable asset. I've actually been doing this for about 4-5 months consistently . when I say consistently I mean like on average I can find at least 2-3 times a game I find it very useful . I planned on posting it to twitter or here but I haven't been on here in FOREVER, but yeah I'm really surprised I haven't seen anyone else in matchmaking do this.
  6. Hey bro I added you a lil while back. You gonna be on tonight?
  7. Added you to the list, I'll hit you up when I get on.
  8. Hey guys I have a few potential people for a team and would love to get as many f/as and partial teams as possible so everyone can find people they get along with and have fun with. I'll keep this short, but we can run multiple ffa lobbies and play 8's all this weekend to hang out and Get as many free agents on teams as possible then even run some scrims against people we know are equally skilled against . If you have any better ideas or you just wanna make sure you get an invite. Hit me up here, or on twitter @faithfulshad0w (It's a zero) or on xbl my gt: faithful shad0w (also a zero) just let me know and I'll add your name to a list I'm making tonight to make sure everyone gets invited.
  9. Room booked this Thursday - Sunday afternoon. Hit me up here or on twitter if you need to a room and got a some cash to help out and also need a 4th for our team. Only people 100% going. My twitter is @faithfulshad0w
  10. Message me faithful shad0w (It's a zero))
  11. Send faithful shad0w a message ( It's a zero) for an invite. I need one or 2 for 4v4 scrims
  12. Gt: faithful shad0w. dank teamAnything competitve, ffa 4v4 2v2 etc. Hit me up I'm on now
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