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  1. This is a band for you if you like 90's alternative rock




    my band opened for these guys in pittsburgh back in March they whip ass. super nice guys too

  2. Re-watched the original B.R. twice this weekend to freshen up on the story-line in anticipation for 2049.  I always forget how dark and subtle that movie is.  Dystopian genres might actually be the most enjoyable to watch for me for some reason...  children of men being my favorite movie of all time.


    Also binging Hans Zimmer at work atm

    children of men is my #2 movie behind in bruges. so fucking good

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  3. yeah it's the logistics tho. i can think of a million ruthless ways to murder someone that don't involve dragging around a vat and a vat's worth of acid just to kill one person with it. at least do them both like that if you're put all that energy into moving that stuff


    throw in a quick blurry flashback of them falling into the vat and a close up of whats his face crying and then you have me sold on that backstory

  4. it's not really he line that bugs me, it's the way that they died. i feel like when the guy was writing the first draft he was like "what's the most fucked up way for his family to die?" and just put decapitation and vat of acid without ever revising it. it's been a minute since i've seen the film but did they ever offer any more context to their deaths? did these assassins break into their house and kill them or were they at another location? if it's the former then i struggle to see why they would go through the effort of dragging a vat of acid around to kill people with.


    that's me just being nitpicky though. I think it just boils down to how they just dropped that line in real quick to give a backstory without ever really expanding on it. 

  5. im prob in the minority here but i thought sicario was corny as hell.


    idk why but the line "he decapitated my wife and threw my daughter in a vat of acid" made me laugh. sounds like a 14 yr old came up with that

  6. you guys should've gotten all your guns out and shot the storm cloud at the same time, killing it instantly



    jk hope y'all have a speedy and safe recovery

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