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  1. This is a band for you if you like 90's alternative rock




    my band opened for these guys in pittsburgh back in March they whip ass. super nice guys too

  2. What is your new job?

    a business administrator for an international media company that specializes in providing remote live captioning services to universities, facebook and youtube streaming services. I'm one of the first three american employees so homeboy is gonna shoot to the top. the ceo is a gay man who supports universal basic income so you can imagine how excited i am to work for a progressive company of this size

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  3. I know that the weak minded have a common go-to of bashing Fox News, so answer me this: If Fox News and Tucker are so bad, who is a mainstream news person I should watch?

    There are no good mainstream pundits. msnbc sucks shit as bad as the rest of them

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  4. One thing that bothers me about the affordable health care debates. Instead of applying a bandaid why don't people go after the true issue? The crazy amount of money it all costs. Wouldn't it be better to find ways to lower the costs of going to hospitals and getting medicine?

    That's why the left wants universal care over private providers. You remove the profit motive and it gets a lot cheaper. It also saves on expensive procedures since the formerly uninsured could take care of whatever medical conditions they have before it requires the expensive stuff


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